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Crew 1.3 Release – Crew Tracking

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Improved crew tracking and communication is the highlight of release 1.3. Let’s dig in to see what’s new!

Since its release, the Crew app has helped facilitate communication between the office and field crews. In release 1.3, we’re pleased to announce that crew leads can share their progress with everyone else out in the field.

Crew Tracking is perfect for in-field supervisors and crew leads who need to know the the details of all field crews. Phone calls back and forth waste time, that’s why you can see all job details right in the Crew app.

Crew Tracking is permissions-based, so you’ll have to enable it before you start seeing updates. Once you enable it, you can find the new feature in the upper left menu. Then, you can navigate to a specific crew, or expand all crews to get a high-level understanding of job progress.

We’re very excited to bring you Crew Tracking. The release is live, so just update your app to get started! We welcome any questions, comments, or feedback. Just reach out to your representative or contact us.

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