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Get Inspired by the Landscape Industry’s Content Creation Masterminds

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What do you get when you bring together the landscape industry’s content creation masterminds under one roof on an island? LMN Hype House, the first landscape industry influencer event of its kind where the green industry’s most popular and successful content creators came together to educate, collaborate, cultivate and innovate in a collective space.

The Foundation for Content Creation and Collaboration

The LMN Hype House’s set out to create a collaborative environment where landscape industry leaders and social media influencers could share their business ideas and learn from each other’s professional experiences. Brittany Auman and Elizabeth Fullerton, landscape innovators of Auman Landscape LLC and Brian’s Lawn Maintenance, were the brainchild behind the landscape content creation event for the green industry.

After seeing similar collaborations amongst TikTok creators, the experienced landscape veterans decided to embrace the concept, but with a green twist. Instead of solely focusing on content collaboration, the LMN Hype House participants set out to exchange ideas, teach each other about their expertise, and educate their staff about different landscape marketing techniques and strategies.

The full cast of LMN HypeHouse Attendees

The Force Behind the LMN Hype House

Early on in the process, LMN realized that a collaborative space for landscaping companies could be an incubator for modernizing the current green industry, its players, and its media channels.

Despite never having been done before, LMN made a concerted effort as the title sponsor of the event to support the innovations brought forward by other landscape and lawn care entrepreneurs. Considering LMN’s mission is to empower landscape business owners to efficiently and effectively manage their business, the LMN Hype House seemed like the perfect avenue for furthering this objective.

But LMN’s involvement didn’t stop there. In addition to sponsoring the event, Mark Bradley, LMN’s CEO, hosted the standout event from the trip, the LMN Mastermind Roundtable. This was a live and virtual business development workshop for attendees that Mark ran and coordinated to help formally facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas and business practices. The benefit of the event, however, was not just limited to the attendees.

The event’s primary mission was to curate a lot of content creation that could inspire the next generation of landscapers and influencers within the green industry. Moreover, by bringing different industry experts together, viewers and participants alike could help build a better business landscape for everyone.

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Digital Impact: What Did We Learn?

The most significant result we observed from the event was its digital impact. With over 15 YouTube videos, 50 landscape podcasts, and hundreds of photos and live streams, the LMN Hype House’s online footprint was massive. Landscape entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from all over the country were also able to participate in the event through online Q&A sessions and social media comments. Additionally, the feedback and reception we received from the landscape content creation initiative were overwhelmingly positive. The lessons we learned from our attendees will be put towards future events that LMN hosts.

But, ultimately, in terms of what we gained from the event, Adam from LMN summarized it best: “At LMN, we are proud to support [content creators] to continue raising the bar in the landscape industry, helping their peers online and in person. Their goals of helping landscape contractors are our goals. It’s disruptive events like the LMN Hype House that pave the next-gen landscaper path and help support business development in the skilled trades world.”

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