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Hiring the right salesperson and putting them in the right system can really help fill your business pipeline. Here are a few things to consider before making the hire. Landscape … Read more

On the move landscape trends to better prepare you and your landscape business for growth and profitability in the years ahead. Use LMN software to find ways to reduce costs … Read more

How to end voluntary employee turnover feature image|Two commercial snow shovelers -- keep them and prevent voluntary employee turnover|Truck with snow plow -- good equipment is part of how to create a successful employee bonus program|a parking lot clear of snow thanks to a snow crew

Finding and keeping snow crews is a top challenge for snow removal businesses. In this post, I cover how to create a bonus program to end voluntary employee turnover on … Read more


It’s tough to find good people. It always has been, and it’s even harder in the landscape industry. For 20+ years, I was fortunate to grow a business to more … Read more


Having clear visibility into profit throughout a job’s entire lifecycle is critical to growing revenue and staying competitive in the landscape or lawn care industries. That’s why the best landscaping … Read more


LMN helped us streamline our processes so now we can do everything so much faster and easier. PROFILE Years in business – 49 years Years using LMN – 2.5 years … Read more


PROFILE Years in business – 43 years Years using LMN – 11 years Revenue – $2-3 Million Number of Employees – 25 Why did you start using LMN? Originally, I … Read more


Learn how to automate same-day invoicing and get paid faster from our experts. PROFILE Years in business – 17 years Years using LMN – 5 years Revenue – $300,000 Number … Read more

The heaviest lifting you can do for your snow and ice removal company lies in the prep work. If you establish the right systems and procedures, you can boost productivity … Read more

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