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How A New Jersey Landscape Company Used LMN To Save 35% Of Their Time Estimating

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Success Stories

LMN helped us streamline our processes so now we can do everything so much faster and easier.


Years in business – 49 years

Years using LMN – 2.5 years

Revenue – $1-5 Million

Number of Employees – 20+

Why did you start using LMN?

We found LMN while researching software that would fit our landscaping business. Excel and other database platforms were limiting, so we were looking for more interactive software that we could customize to fit our needs better. We knew what we wanted as far as a platform that could host our clients, make certain business operations faster, and to properly track what’s coming in and out of our business. After doing our research and checking out recommendations, LMN seemed to be and has proven to still be the best fit for us.

What LMN Features Get The Most Use Within Your Landscape Business?

LMN helped us streamline our processes so now we can do everything so much faster and easier. One of the features we absolutely love is the ability to upload files for accounts. It makes it so much easier for our designers who can draft up a quick sketch on a tablet, upload it to the estimate or job folder, and anyone can take that design or sketch and attach it to a proposal or crews can use it as reference on site. It’s a feature we get so much use from and makes communicating and organization so much easier to manage.

We also get a lot of value from the reporting and templates tools. We need to know what our sales leads are, where they’re coming from, who’s making the sales, and tracking referrals. It gives us a 360-view into how we’re bringing profit into our business and whether or not we were able to do those jobs efficiently. On the templates side, estimating has never been faster. We used to make our estimates manually, but since we’ve gone digital, we’ve saved at least 35% of our time making landscape estimates using the LMN templates tool, and that number will get higher the more people we get trained on using LMN software.

Has LMN Helped Make Your Business More Profitable?

Streamlining all of our processes digitally has been cost effective and saved us time. In this industry, time is money, and we’ve saved so much time using LMN. We’ve been able to cut out or smoothen processes in our business like meeting the client out in the field, having our materials list built into the software with it available to pull in an instant, and us being able to take info from our database and generate a proposal then and there. 

There isn’t a two week hold up on generating a proposal for the customer, we know we’ll be the first estimate in their hands, and it just overall improves our client relations. It makes a world of a difference when you know you’re the first proposal competing with 3 or 4 other companies.

How Has Your Experience Been Using The LMN Support Team?

Top notch. I’ve had an immediate answer to my questions whether I was talking with my Account Manager, participating in one of LMN’s interactive webinars, or even the chat support box on the site. Questions are answered immediately and then I get a literature follow up with blog articles to help out.

My major pet peeve with support in general is how I’ll get stuck on something when I need to move forward. I never have that issue with LMN because they’ll know exactly where I’m at, where I want to go, and then show us the easiest ways to achieve it while walking us through a solution step by step. LMN gets top ratings on their LMN Crew, chat, and online support as they’re all great.

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