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Creating an amazing customer experience is not just good for business, it’s the right thing to do. Working hard for your customers grows your business by creating raving fans that will share your name with friends and keep coming back year after year.

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Speaker Bio

Tommy Cole

Vice President
McFarlin Stanford

Tommy has over 20 years of green industry experience with a diverse background in Landscape Design & Installation, Civil Construction, Interior Plant Care and Outdoor Services. His discipline is in developing and implementing simple, clean processes that are proven to deliver bottom line results. Through his coaching, he personally demonstrates the importance of consistent team and client communication in day to day operations.  Through his actions, he fosters a healthy company culture and leverages it’s influence in driving a team’s success.  Tommy has a broad breadth of leadership experience with proven successes, and as a result, he provides our clients with tactical daily habits that move their teams to the next level.  The teams he coaches can deliver operational excellence, handle significant growth and create an exceptional client experience.

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