Why Your Landscape Business Needs A Payments System

Your landscape business might have a payment problem that you might not even know about. Cash or cheque isn’t going anywhere, but credit is now a preferred method of payment for a large portion of consumers. Can your landscape business accept credit card payments or online money transfers? If your landscape business can’t handle credit or going digital, there’s a strong chance you’re immediately and unintentionally rejecting customers and stunting massive business growth. You either keep up with the times or get left behind. LMN Pay can help you catch up to speed.

Sell more and get paid faster

Figuring out if adding a payment system is the right business decision for you can be broken down to three points: Do you want to sell more? Do you want to save time and money? Do you want to offer a simple and positive customer experience? This isn’t a “pick one of three” situation since payment systems fulfills all three of the previous points and are essential for any modern business wanting to make more money.

Kind of like going to the bar, “put in on my tab” applies here. Your customer is the regular and they know how much your business’ menu items cost through your easy system for adding in extras. Having a payments system saves you time and money building estimates, and offers upselling and cross selling opportunities. The ease of ordering gives an easy and positive customer experience. It also opens up your business to accept all forms of payment from cash, credit, cheque, and digital payments. Use this to help build trust with the customer and it might lead to retaining and earning more business down the line.

How payments systems help your landscape business

Landscape businesses use payment systems to strengthen their cash flow. No more waiting for the postal worker, driving to the bank, or playing a game of phone tag to schedule a money exchange by hand. You know when your money is coming in, and there’s no need to chase people around trying to get paid.

It shouldn’t matter if customers pay by paper or plastic. Most people now prefer to use credit cards in their everyday lives, and not having that option for your business to process that payment limits them as a customer. Their budgets stretch with credit, whereas physical cash has a limit since you can’t spend what you don’t have.

Adding a payments system to your business gives a major boost to your customer experience, but the other major winner is your budget’s bottom line. All the time previously wasted driving to the bank, playing phone tag, and scheduling unnecessary meetups eats up hours in a day on a daily basis and takes away from time you could have spent making money. Those hours in a day eventually add up to days wasted in a year. Do the math to figure out what that time wasted financially means to your business.

Let your payments system work for you by sending invoices, follow-up emails, and processing payments. It’ll open up more time for chasing down sales leads, working on-site, or opening your day to mentally decompress by spending time with family, friends, or alone through some peace and quiet after work.

LMN Pay x Quickbooks comparison

LMN Pay is our payment product that is baked into the best business management software for landscapers, LMN. We go the extra mile for our clients with a dedicated team made to troubleshoot and educate users to get the most out of our software.

We made LMN Pay with the goal of making a landscaper's life easier. While the comparisons are even down the board, this is how we stack against one of the more familiar payment systems in the business.

Don’t let digital hold you back

Going digital doesn’t have to be scary and doesn’t require any heavy lifting. Adding a digital payments system to any landscape business saves time and effort for both the contractor and customer. Why should anybody waste time driving over to the bank or post office when cash could be sent over through the click of a button.

LMN Pay saves businesses time and money by integrating this one of a kind payments system designed specifically for the Green and Snow industries. You can learn more at our weekly LMN Pay webinar or you can get started here.

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley
Known for his entreprenurship, leadership and innovation in the landscape industry. Mark Bradley co-founded LMN in 2009. He is currently the CEO and the author of hundreds of by-lined articles, ebooks, webinars and workshops. He is also the host of the landscape industry’s favorite podcast, Landscape Disruptors. LMN is now the industry's best business management software. Mark credits LMN as a catalyst for helping him scale TBG Landscape from a backyard business into one of the Top 100 landscape contractors in North America. He has been published in entrepreneur and landscape industry trades including Medium, Total Landscape Care, Lawn and Landscape, Turfs Up Radio, Irrigation and Green Magazine Canada Newswire, Canadian Business