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A Promising Future for Landscape Business Owners – LMN Gro

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Operating in a tech-enabled landscape industry driven by the need for company owners to manage their businesses remotely while in the field or out of the office, it’s no secret the landscape industry is changing, but what does that actually mean and why?

In our most recent blog named 2022 Landscape Business Trends, we identified tech as one of the top trends for the New Year and years ahead as owners and company crews are challenged to do more work with less human resources. The number one problem plaguing today’s growing landscape company is overcoming the challenge of hiring, training, and retaining skilled labor. It’s no secret that in most situations, the only solution, at least for the interim, is to adapt with more efficient systems and processes to get the job done, and that’s precisely where LMN’s new mobile-based Gro app comes into play. Enabling contractors to manage their business from the palm of their hand, but let’s expand.

The launch of LMN Gro comes as no surprise with skilled labor shortages reaching an all-time high on the tail end of a growing economy, particularly in the US, which was forecasted to add 5.2 million jobs in 2021 and 3.6 million jobs in 2022. And with a fast-paced economy, the challenges facing landscape companies are forcing the landscape business to business brands to keep up and provide solutions.

And so, it also comes as no surprise that the leading green industry business management software company launched a new mobile app with a lengthy list of simple features and functionality to help landscape contractors manage their company remotely from the palm of their hand.

With LMN Gro, a contractor can manage and streamline specific business functions by making processes like estimating, time tracking, scheduling, and invoicing repeatable, organized, and professional. It replaces lengthy to-do lists where contractors frequently try to organize everything in their heads or lie awake at night on a Sunday planning the week. It frees up time, but more specifically, mental bandwidth.

Beyond that, the added layer of professionalism is welcomed by potential new customers. It enhances a contractor’s opportunity to win more work and create a household name brand company within their local service area or community to win more referral work.


With companies like LMN leading the charge, the landscape industry is inevitably evolving. Reducing inefficiencies and manual processes that chew into a contractor’s profitability and create financial waste seem to be the name of the game in 2022. These top tech solutions help a landscape contractor plagued by low pricing or competitor companies not pricing in similar fashions as the industry adopts new standards in how business functions operate.

By utilizing LMN Gro to its full capability, a contractor can complete more work in less time. That seems to be the echoing voice of NEED amongst ALL contractors planning on a future where skilled labor shortages become the new normal and hiring, training, and retaining staff becomes the number one problem every contractor looks to workaround. To learn more about LMN Gro and how it can help you manage your landscape business, learn more at

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