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Spend 80% Less Time on Billing

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Sending out invoices and making sure your customers are billed accurately and on time every month can seem like a daunting or impossible task. The more you grow and take on new work, the more this can be true, especially if you don’t have any systems in place to handle the growth of your landscape business!

If you’re using paper invoices and timesheets right now, you could be spending up to 80% less time on your billing each month. In addition to the time savings, getting invoices out faster is going to result in increased cash flow and free up time to complete other tasks. Win, win!

Here’s how you can spend up to 80% less time on your billing activities and more time working on your landscape business.

Go Digital.

The most important step to saving time on your daily administrative work, is going digital and making that first leap towards a paperless office. What we mean by this, is using a system such as LMN that is cloud based to clock in and out of your crew’s daily tasks which previously may have been done using paper. By using a tablet or app on the crew leader’s phone to do this, they’re providing you with valuable information that not only can be used for payroll and eliminating paper timesheets, but also job costing, syncing with your QuickBooks file, increasing communication with office staff, GPS verification and invoicing/billing gets streamlined as a result. The best part about this though? The information is live and available right away so you can bill sooner, and make informed business decisions sooner.

Once you start collecting this data digitally, it’s going to significantly speed up your processes. There won’t be a need to chase after foreman after a snow event for their timesheets, no need to try and guess handwriting and no double entry for entering information for both invoices and timesheets for payroll.

So how do you just make this switch to using an app and throwing away the paper? I’m sure you have questions and concerns about how to make the transition, perhaps even some fears on how your crews will take the news that you’re going digital. The good news here though is our society is becoming more technologically inclined every year as technology becomes more and more a part of our daily lives. So, using a simple app to log daily activities today in 2017 doesn’t seem as scary as it may have been 10 years ago. LMN also offers free tutorial guides, tutorial training videos and even support through live chat and screen shares for those cases where you might need some extra help getting set up or help training your crews to make this transition as simple as possible for you.

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