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5 Tips for Generating More Leads

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If you’re a newer landscape company and you’re looking to get more clients, or maybe you’ve been in business awhile but are hitting a plateau, here are 5 tips for generating more leads for your business and in turn, getting more customers.

1. Advertise Early

Good customers are not going to be looking to have their lawns cut or driveways plowed months after the season has already begun. These types of customers generally search in advance to have these services taken care of. If you wait too long, you end up missing out on these good leads and are left with procrastinators or new residents and a lot less potential customers since these good customers, HOA’s and commercial properties are likely already committed to your competitors. By advertising earlier, you’ll reach more quality leads and more available leads.

2. Have a good Referral Program

Referrals can be a great source of new customers so why not provide a bit of incentive for your current customers by implementing a referral program to help generate more business? Be creative in your offerings and have some fun with this. It could be a few dollars off their next cut if they refer one new customer, and then incremental after that or perhaps even a discount on one of your other services so you can upsell your other offerings.

3. Use a Variety of Marketing Mediums

While referrals are a great source of advertising because of its mostly free cost, you don’t want to wait around for new customers, especially if you’re a newer company. You also don’t want to rely on just one method for advertising. By using a variety of advertising methods, you increase the chance of reaching a larger audience.

Some of these methods might have a low percentage of converting, but are relatively low cost so they could be worth exploring. Door hangers for example can be successful and yard signs on lawns you mow regularly can also generate good traffic. Ads in local newspaper or radio station may be a bit more expensive but they reach a larger audience. Lastly bringing us to my next point is your online presence and your website.

4. Invest in Your Website

It’s 2017 and you need a website if you want to compete and generate more leads and customers. Your website is going to work hand in hand with your other advertising methods. If you’re using door hangers for example, it wouldn’t be uncommon for someone to look at your door hanger and then look for you online. If you have an up to date website that highlights your work (take good pictures!) and looks professional, you’re going to dramatically increase your chances of converting those leads to customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will also play a huge part in generating more leads. Just think, how often do you search past the third page on Google? Getting your website on those first 3 pages on a Google search is key!

5. Have a Social Media Presence

Staying active on social media is going to help with the previous point of showing up on searches earlier and keep you fresh in the mind of your customers and potential customers. You don’t need to post things constantly, but you should try to post every now and then to maintain a presence. Show your customers you’re active and have fun with it! Post pictures of jobs you’ve done, have some draws or contests to help generate more business, post your promotions, respond to customer inquiries promptly and thank people for their reviews. If you’re up for it, you can also blog about topics like lawn care tips, pest control, etc. All of which will help generate traffic to your website. If people see you’re active and take an interest in your customers, that might just be the deciding factor for them when picking a lawn care company.

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