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Make Dollars & Sense With QuickBooks

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Here at LMN, we work with QuickBooks consultant Monica Mitchell Muir whom through the years, has helped us to better understand just how the link between our software can benefit your business. She’s put together a great document highlighting the ways in which many people either use QuickBooks incorrectly, or simply don’t use it to its full potential.

Take a look at the intro, then download the PDF via the link below!

Have You Made Any of These Common Costly Mistakes?

When I talk with contractors, I hear many of the same issues:

  • I don’t have confidence in my reports
  • It’s hard to discern profitability of jobs and/or divisions (or departments or ….)
  • I can’t get good job cost reports
  • It takes too long to… (you can fill in the blank here)
  • I wish you could……

With just a few changes, you can start getting great results. So much of the solution is in the setup. It’s the old “garbage in garbage out”. Part of the problem is that people think “anyone” can setup QuickBooks (and QuickBooks sometimes “feeds” that misconception).

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