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LMN Time – New Update!

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LMN News

LMN Time got a few new updates last night! Check out all the details below:

New Features

Ability to create groups for jobs

User can group jobs by type (construction, irrigation, snow), by route (you can create ordered groups) or by manager. This way, admins and employees can find jobsites much faster.

Ability to set default lunch duration

Lunch used to be fixed at 30 min. Users now have the ability to set lunch duration for any amount of time.

Deleting Multiple Tasks

You can now delete more than one task at a time inside a job.

Set tasks to not prompt for billable activities

Set tasks to not prompt for billable activities – you can now set specific tasks on a job to NOT prompt for billable activities. If you had specific tasks on a job that were contract price only and you did not want to prompt the guys for any of the job’s activities, you can turn this setting OFF on the Job’s task and the crew will not be prompted to check off billable activities on clock out.

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