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Landscape Disruptors: Mid-Season 6 Highlights

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The act of learning is the basis of growth. Landscape Disruptors was developed as a means to shake up the landscaping industry, promoting growth through dialogue. Each podcast episode of Landscape Disruptors features a new guest that speaks to their struggles, successes, and moments of growth and development into the up-and-comer or leader that they are for the landscaping industry.

Season 6 of Landscape Disruptors has featured a diverse rotation of guests, providing invaluable insights from different walks of life. As the season looks to wrap-up soon, now is a great time to review the highlights from Landscape Disruptors Season 6.

Jeffrey Scott | Critical Benchmarks To Maximize Profit in Landscaping

Jeffrey Scott specializes in helping business owners in the lawn, landscaping, and irrigation to build profitable and valuable companies. His clients learn how to generate dramatically improved profit and cash flow (that would make any competitor jealous), manage and delegate the most important responsibilities, and effectively build and lead their teams, so they have more much more time and freedom in their personal lives.

Jeffrey Scott has worked in the landscape contracting industry for over four decades and did consulting work in the corporate world. His knowledge spans everything from sales and service to finance and management in the landscape and general contracting industries.

Having grown his own landscape business into a very successful $15 million enterprise, he now coaches the top landscape business owners in the USA and Canada, along with Japan and Israel.

There’s a lot to be gained by understanding and buying into “we’re in the business of selling hours”

Jeffrey Scott

You can listen to Jeffrey Scott’s episode here.

Brian Cotter | Living, Learning, Growing – Building a Better Landscape Industry

Brian Cotter is an experienced president of Durham Artificial Grass and Lloyd’s Grounds Management Professionals Ltd, with 36+ years of Horticulture industry expertise. Brian received a Horticulturist and Greenskeeper certification from Humber College. He is a strong believer in positive thinking and teamwork within both businesses. Brian has worked closely with business coaches to expand his knowledge of financial reporting and has been a part of peer groups to share his journeys along the way while helping others succeed within their businesses as well. Brian enjoys four wheeling on trails and time with his family, including 7 grandchildren in his backyard “oasis” by the pool on weekends.

We work together. Nobody works for us. Nobody works for anybody here. We work together. We’re side-by-side. – Brian Cotter

Brian Cotter

Brian Cotter lives, breathes, and eats the landscape industry. He has worked in the skilled trades from his teens and currently owns and manages two businesses. Lloyds Grounds Management and Durham Artificial Grass both serve the Greater Toronto Area and do it successfully. That didn’t happen overnight, and throughout this episode, Brian shares experiences as the person building the business from the ground up.

He shares every experience from creating a more professional industry, hiring and retaining team members, learning from mistakes in the landscape business, and why we should all be more proud in the skilled trades. Brian has been there done that, so to speak, but he’s not done yet as he continues to manage two successful businesses in separate divisions.

Stanley Genadek Dirt Monkey digs deep on the latest episode of Landscape Disruptors. In fact, this is our 52nd episode recording. Celebrate with us and catch this episode with Brian Cotter from Durham Artificial Grass and Lloyds Grounds Management.

You can listen to Brian Cotter’s episode here.

Joshua Adkins | Boyscouts to Landscape Business

Joshua Adkins started Odd Jobs LLC in the summer of 2016. He and his partner Max Gedz operate their landscape design business in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The duo actually met as boy scouts in 2009 and their company is now known for its unique design and build projects across Oakland County, Michigan. They specialize in pavers, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, pillars, and outdoor lighting. In 2020 they experienced their best year in business and contributed it to both mentorship and investing in their people. In this episode, Joshua answers some common questions about construction and tells the story of how he and Max have grown from $100 garage cleanups to six-figure landscape design projects.

Word-of-mouth marketing is a great way to get leads and put yourself in the door with a leg up.

Joshua AdkinsPresident

Our latest podcast is an inspiring story of two lifelong friends who went down a path in life and decided to change directions after discovering they chose the wrong career and profession.

They discovered the landscaping industry and began applying their sales and marketing experience to the trade despite not having any green industry experience in the skilled trades.

Entrepreneurial minded means you can pretty much learn anything you focus on, and that’s exactly what Joshua Adkins and Max Gedz did. They began digging into landscape how-to videos and learning as much as they could online to take on hardscape and property maintenance projects. Many successes accompanied a few costly mistakes along the way. Over time, they went from 200k to 400k and now aim for 2million in revenue with two divisions.

They’ve expanded into design and build landscaping projects while continuing to grow their property maintenance division. Now Odd Jobs LLC has become a very established company in the greater Michigan area.

You can listen to Joshua Adkins’ episode here.

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