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Jacki Hart on Emerging from COVID-19 with a More Deeply Engaged, Focused Team

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Before COVID-19 arrived in North America, landscape business professionals from coast to coast were wrestling with team engagement issues. Time and time again, it’s the number one issue I hear about when coaching business owners and speaking at conferences. Add into this mix, the confusion that COVID-19 has blanketed on top of our spring season. It’s overwhelming to many business owners, who are having a hard time figuring out a new plan, that then changes every week.

According to Emplify, “The average company’s biggest productivity losses are often caused by less than 20% of employees who are “disengaged” or “extremely disengaged”.

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The Landscape Industry Is Scrambling

There are varying degrees of limitations, exclusions and mitigation measures depending on where you live and work, which have our industry scrambling to adjust and re-adjust budgets and plans for the year.

In the hardest pandemic-hit regions, NO ONE can work in landscaping. No one saw that coming months ago. And no one planned for it. So here we all are, trying to remain hopeful, needing to focus forward by remaining nimble and adaptive.

The Landscape Ontario Task Force continues to reiterate the following position. We want you to protect yourself! “In light of our ultimate safety responsibility, member companies are advised to not work, unless you can cite specific government permission based on your interpretation of Section 20, 24, 26 and 30 of the Essential Workplaces list, upgraded safety protocols are in place and you have confirmed insurance coverage.”

It’s Time for Landscape Business Leaders to Step Up

The priorities of leadership teams have changed overnight. Shifting from full-on production to (in some cases) no production and the entire team laid off. And for those who either can or choose to send teams out to work are scrambling to create policies and procedures to keep staff, customers and the public safe from COVID-19.

Cash flow forecasts have never been more valuable or important — and have never changed so quickly. Deferring payments where ever possible to preserve cash has become of critical importance. Communicating with Clients, Staff, Suppliers, Creditors and Sub-Trades has to be more proactive and candid than ever before.

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Keep your landscape crew and support staff ‘warm’ on the sidelines and ready to go!

The strategies vary from company to company and region to region — and must include putting steady and meaningful communication to your team members as a priority until things get back to normal. To help focus your thinking, start with the end in mind. If your business is on pause at the moment, consider what you can start to do and learn to better equip yourself to reach the best outcomes.

Here are a couple of questions for you to answer:

  • What will you be able to look back on a year from now with pride?
  • How will your company emerge from the COVID-19 period with a more deeply engaged, focused team?

Together with your team and association peers, we will all get through this era intact and more resilient!

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