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How To Recruit the Best Talent for Your Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Company

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In an industry reliant on the quality of workforce and clientele, recruiting talent can be one of the most significant contributors to a successful lawn care and landscape maintenance company. The challenge for many landscape business owners, however, is that talent and customer acquisition is a two-way street; in order to find the best employees or customers, they need to be able to find you.

Being able to recruit talent and customers effectively is a key part of sustaining the growth and profitability of a landscaping business. To help aspiring landscape entrepreneurs ensure the success of their business, the LMN team has broken down a few of the most effective ways to recruit the best talent for your lawn care and landscape maintenance company.

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Upgrade Your Lead Generation Process

A pitfall that many small business owners fall into is assuming that they aren’t attracting the right clients due to the quality of their exposure. Most of the time, lawn and landscape businesses interact with the right customers, but they are failing to close on their leads.

The best way to overcome this issue is to develop a standardized sales process that guides leads through a controllable, high-quality experience. A simple way to do that is through LMN’s CRM mobile app.

With LMN’s customer relationship manager, contractors can manage their clients’ information, deadlines, and job files all from their smartphones. Whether you are on the job or in the office, you will be able to view sales pipelines and close leads more efficiently and more reliably.

However, it is important to note that this is just one aspect of the lead generation process. To fully maximize your client acquisition operation, you will need to engage a lead, produce an estimate, and close on the deal. Fortunately, LMN’s suite of landscape management software can help you throughout the process. A lawn care and landscape maintenance company will need to assist in coordinating their departments to recruit talent efficiently.

Synchronize Your Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Company

In order for a landscape business owner to be able to optimize the quality of customers and employees it attracts, it needs to be able to coordinate and unify its efforts across all aspects of the company. Like any business campaign, a successful effort requires the collaboration of multiple employees across various departments.

While lead generation sounds like a sales-dominant process, it also requires the oversight of management, the promotion of marketing, and customer service support. For all these moving parts to productively contribute to employee and customer acquisition, they need to be synchronized. This, however, is much easier said than done.

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Create a Comprehensive Talent Recruitment Strategy

The financial strength and success of one’s company don’t just depend on the quality of its clients, but also the quality of its workforce. For a company to truly attract and recruit the best talent available, they need to create an in-depth hiring strategy. This doesn’t just mean improved interview measures, either. A comprehensive hiring strategy also refers to the tools and tactics you use to recruit talent from all areas of your organization.

An effective way to attract high-quality candidates is first to learn to recognize ideal candidate traits and then build an acquisition process tailored to those demographics. For an employee, one of the most desirable characteristics of a new job opportunity is the work environment they will be entering. Is it supportive of its staff members? Is there a clear path for role development and promotion? Is it a fun place to work? In answering these questions, it becomes much easier to understand and engage the talent your lawn care and landscape maintenance company is seeking.

Attracting customers and talent is no easy task. It requires a company-wide effort to be able to build the processes, strategies and environment that will engage the right people for your lawn care and landscape maintenance company.

For landscaping business owners looking to improve the quality of their lead-to-client conversion, download the LMN CRM app. Improve your sales pipeline and your close rate today. You will be on your way to recruiting the best talent for your company in no time!

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