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How to Make your Company Website a Source of Revenue

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In today’s world every company has a website – it’s no longer an asset, it’s a necessity. And with the sheer volume of sites on the web today, internet users naturally bring certain expectations with them when they visit a new site.

Your website is no exception. Visitors expect your website to offer something different and exciting. So while it’s great to create a website that’s artistically impressive, unless it offers something more than a pretty picture, your first-time visitors will remain one-time visitors, which won’t do you any good in the revenue department.

If you want to turn your website into a source of income, in terms of generating more clients and sales, you need to make it an interactive experience for your visitors. Interactivity is what keeps your visitors (customers) coming back. The good news is that it doesn’t have to require much labor on your or your web designer’s part. The even better news is that the little changes you do make to improve interactivity – such as adding videos, games, podcasts, etc. – will certainly have an impact.

An interactive website allows your customers to engage with your business online and it also encourages them to engage with your business offline. It will first and foremost boost your company’s brand recognition and customer loyalty because more people will re-visit your site to take advantage of the regularly updated, interactive features you offer. Secondly, as more people visit your site more often, the rate of conversion, from interested lead to loyal customer, will organically increase.

Encourage activity on your website by taking advantage of these easy-to-implement interactive features:

Blog/forum reader comments

One of the best ways to spark conversation about your business and to connect with potential customers is to include a blog on your website. We’ve discussed why you need to start blogging here before, but we haven’t really covered just how effective blogging is for promoting interactivity on your website. Allowing and encouraging your viewers to comment on your blog posts is a great way to get people involved, while boosting your user-generated content all at the same time.

While forums  – also known as online discussion sites – were once a popular way to generate talk between you, your customers, and your site visitors, it’s fair to say that with the rise of blogging, the ability to comment on blog posts has replaced the need for forums. The great thing about blogging and allowing your viewers to comment is that it allows you to lead the subject matter you and your viewers discuss online. You decide what content to include in your blog posts, which can then drive the types of conversations that ensue.

Adding a blog to your website is easy. Select a blog publishing application (we recommend WordPress) and link your blog to your website with navigation button that is easy for your viewers to find.

Newsletter subscription and feedback

In a past post, we discussed the benefits of creating email blasts and a monthly newsletter send-out for customers and leads. Offering an automated subscription button on your website is an interactive feature that will boost your volume of readers. Also, be sure to include an email address or forum link on your newsletter to encourage feedback and commentary from your newsletter readers.

Easy-to-find navigation buttons

Create obvious navigation buttons at the top of your website for your main interactive features, such as your blog, videos and podcasts. Also, be sure to create a navigation button for an RSS feed, latest blog content and recent blog posts.

  • RSS feed – creating an RSS feed for your blog is crucial because it will help build a readership base. RSS feed refers to a format used for sharing content on the web and it is best used for sites with regularly updated content, hence the need for it on your blog. When you include an RSS feed on your website or blog, you you’re your content easily available for internet users who use feed reader applications to find your site.   
  • Latest content – to improve interactivity, as well as the usability of your website, add a sidebar section that includes a list of updated content and links to said content.
  • Recent blog posts – also display a list of 5-10 of your most recent blog posts on the side panel of your blog.
  • Related articles – next to or underneath your recent posts display a list of related articles to encourage readership.


Take advantage of surveys and polls to receive valuable feedback and information about your customers and visitors.

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