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How Not to Manage your Employees

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There’s no denying the value of leaders. We all know successful companies do not get to where they are without strong leaders “leading” them there. However, there’s a way to effectively “lead” employees and then there’s a way to push your employees out the door…

Being the leader, foreman or supervisor is a challenging job. You have a responsibility to ensure the safety, efficiency and productivity of your team. It takes certain qualities for a leader to effectively lead his or her employees and, therefore, the business to success. That being said, listed below are the qualities of a good leader.

Good leaders:                                        

  • Have the ability to both act and listen, not just one or the other
  • Are motivated by more – and focused on more – than just profits
  • Encourage input from others and treat their employees like invested business owners
  • Accommodate and celebrate new ideas and change
  • Identify waste, inefficiencies and causes for unproductiveness
  • Implement solutions to rectify productivity and efficiency problems

At the same time, there are certain distinct qualities that often get masked as leadership skills, but are really anything but. They serve as an effective way to not only lose your valued employees, but to set your business up for failure. Listed below are the qualities of ineffective leaders.

Ineffective leaders:

  • Focus on commanding and controlling their employees
  • Place profits above everything else, including employee satisfaction and customer experience
  • Are set in their ways and closed off to any ideas that might require a slight deviation from tradition
  • Refuse to delegate responsibility to their employees
  • Endlessly micromanage their employees
  • Make all business decisions on their own without the input of other employees

How do you measure up?

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