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How to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Website

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It’s one thing to create a website that is visually-appealing, professional and informative; it’s another thing entirely to create a website that keeps your customers coming back to you.

Viewers can think your website is beautifully-designed and descriptive, but unless it presents new and valuable information, your viewers will stop at one visit. Fresh content is an easy and inexpensive way to drive your customers back to your site. By consistently updating your website with content that educates, inspires and entertains your viewers, you’ll see your web traffic soar and, consequently, your number of prospects.

So, how do you increase the amount of content on your website? Here are some of the most effective ways:

Start a blog:

Yes, it may seem like everyone nowadays has a blog, but what makes a good blog stand out from a not-so-good blog is the presence of regularly-updated (note: not one post a month!) and relevant content. This content should serve to inform viewers, not sell something. Use your blog to write about industry trends and interests and hobbies that relate to your line of business.

Not the best writer? That’s alright – try breaking your content down into shorter mini “posts” and write about the subjects that interest you. If you are a gardening enthusiast, write about gardening tips or your favorite flowers or ways to maintain a garden throughout the season. If you’re a green living enthusiast, write about the things you do to reduce waste and the over-consumption of valuable resources.

There are endless things to write about, just remember who you’re marketing your business to and the types of people you want to return to your website. Case-in-point: while you might like to play video games in your spare time, it’s probably not the best idea to write about it on your professional blog when your goal is to bring attention to your landscaping business. Part of the purpose of blogging is, not only to spark conversations with like-minded people and connect with potential customers, but to present yourself as an expert in your field. Video gamers may be impressed with your gaming skills, but of what value is that to your business? Save your video game posts for your personal blog and stick to posts that pertain to your interests and your business.

Tip: if you already write articles for trade magazines or newsletters, include them on your blog. Similarly, use your blog posts to create printed newsletters or online “e-newsletters,” which you can then send out by email to your customers and prospects.  You can also use your blog posts as submissions for magazines, newspapers, or other promotional outlets.  

Tip: Make sure your blog and website are linked and your viewers can clearly see the link on both.

Produce podcasts/videos:

One of the most untapped business marketing platforms on the web is YouTube and it just so happens to receive the highest amount of traffic too. Why not think of YouTube as your own business channel and offer regular, scheduled programming in the form of short videos? Share behind the scenes footage of your company, trade shows, workshops, projects, etc. Create podcasts by recording your voice while you read your blog posts. If you’ll be speaking at an industry event, record it and include snippets of your speech on your website. The more you make use of multimedia, the more interesting your website is for your viewers.

Tip: Not familiar with making podcasts? Record a video and remove the visuals or just leave the lens cap on. Then upload the video to your blog or website.

Update your services/products/promotions:

Routinely offer promotions and discounts to your viewers and promote these features on the homepage of your website. Consistently update your services and products and make any updates clearly visible on your homepage.

Tweet your updated content:

After you’ve made the effort to produce and update your content, you need to let others know what you’re doing! Any time you write a new blog post, create a video or podcast, or you update your services, products and promotions, tweet about it and be sure to include the link so your followers can check it out.

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