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The Misconceptions about Marketing and Sales

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For many years now, experts have stressed the importance of a good marketing plan. But, with the explosion of online advertising and social media sites, marketing has taken on a whole new level of importance.  The problem with advertising, branding, and the like reaching a whole new level of fame is the growing belief that marketing is directly tied to increased sales.

While it is true, marketing is an integral component of any successful business, it is not a straight gateway to more sales. Let’s take a look at some of the misconceptions about marketing and sales and debunk some of the myths, starting with the most common delusion:

Marketing will directly generate more sales…

There is a growing tendency to believe that the right marketing plan will generate more sales and, therefore, more money in your pocket. But this belief leaves out one important factor – the quality of your product or service. You can have the best marketing plan in the world, but it’s not going to do you any good if your product/service is no good.

Say you take the time to design a professional-looking website that promotes your ‘sustainable’ irrigation systems. On your website, your blog, in the local newspaper and on glossy, colorful flyers you boast that your product will bring substantial savings and help people conserve more water. But if your product fails to meet its water and cash preservation promises, it’s not going to sell. Your customers need more than good advertising to buy – they need a great product too. Even if a customer does “buy” your service or product, they need to be satisfied with it to come back to you. And in this industry, loyal customers and good customer referrals are essential.

Social media marketing will directly generate more sales…

Many small business owners sign up for various social media accounts with the hopes of directly generating more sales. But a new Twitter follower or Facebook friend does not necessarily translate to a new customer. This doesn’t mean social media is of no value to you – in fact, the opposite is true. It does mean, however, that social media sites can’t promise a direct and immediate impact on your sales.

Use social media sites for brand awareness and customer communication. You want to gather as many followers and friends as possible and use each social platform as a means to share information about your products, services, interests, expertise, industry news and other topics that interest you. This is the best way to build loyal relationships and future customers.

The right marketing company will directly generate more sales…

Just as social media and other forms of marketing won’t directly boost your sales, even hiring the best expert can’t promise more customers. Sure, an expert can devise and execute a great marketing campaign and bring the prospects to you, but that’s as far as it goes. It is up to you to turn those prospects into buying customers. If your products and services are no good, then your investment in hiring a marketing expert is no good to you either.

The right marketing plan will rescue my business…

With so much responsibility on your hands, it’s easy to let marketing your business fall to the wayside. In many cases, it’s not until their company is in jeopardy that small-business owners think to revamp their marketing plan. But experts warn against this. Marketing is an important endeavor to partake in when your business is in good health. In other words, don’t try to market a product or service that is doomed to fail, simply because the business is failing.

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