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Joel Schaubel is LMN’s Senior Vice President of Lending. He joined the company in September 2021 to lead the software platform’s growing lending business, including LMN Lend. He brings more … Read more

The executive team of G&M Outdoor Services.|

Barring technological advancements, most snow removal business owners struggle not being able to be at more than one place at a time. When there’s large areas to cover and only … Read more

Consistency and proactiveness is key in planning for an unpredictable time. The pivot to snow season can leave some businesses scrambling if they don’t have the right processes to hit … Read more

Landscape Business Software: Expectations vs. Reality

Landscapers didn’t get into the green or snow industry to sit in front of a computer all day. They know that, and the LMN Team knows it too. While learning … Read more

Durham Artificial Grass

The green industry is much more than landscape maintenance. When you work for a landscape business, you can expect to sod, plant, mulch, remove, clean up, shovel, and trim various … Read more

landscaper working in the garden

You’re the proud owner of a successful (or startup) landscaping business. You work hard throughout the day, tackling everything from sales calls to administrative work – even picking up a … Read more


So, you own a landscaping business. You’re constantly on the go – running from site to site, contacting suppliers, and ensuring that all of the administrative work is handled. And … Read more


In a competitive industry like landscaping, efficiency is often the difference between a costly and profitable business. The only way to reliably maximize revenues and minimize costs is to optimize … Read more

As a landscape entrepreneur, it is easy to let work and work-related stressors bleed into your personal life and free time. After all, managing a landscape business is an incredibly … Read more

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