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5 Self Care Tips for Landscape Business Owners

5 Self Care Tips for Landscape Business Owners

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In light of the recent global health crisis, landscape business owners have gotten better at acknowledging the importance of self care for entrepreneurs. Running a landscape business is no easy feat, and it can provide a significant physical and emotional burden. But rather than burning out, you should learn to prioritize yourself, your family, and your well-being, especially in times like these.

In coordination with LMN, five successful landscape business owners have come together to share their self care tips for entrepreneurs and how they practice mindfulness to heath and wellness while running a business during the pandemic.

Why Self Care is Non-Negotiable

Social distancing has reminded us how crucial it is to practice regular self care and wellness-related activities. According to a recent study, about 80% of U.S. adults say they will be more mindful of practicing self-care in light of the pandemic. Similarly, the study detailed that almost half of the Americans surveyed said they were struggling to find ways of maintaining their health over the past year.

Self Care For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs

At LMN (Landscape Management Network), we prioritize the mental health of our staff, customers, and partners above all else. That is why we polled our most tenured landscape business influencers to ask them for their advice on self care for entrepreneurs. Here are five accessible tips for self care for entrepreneurs – by entrepreneurs.

Eric Jones Making Lists and Staying Focused

Eric Jones with his dog

Eric has been in the green industry since he was a high school student working in his parents’ company, Elite Landscape Service, Inc. Since then, he has become the Vice President of Turf Teacher, a teaching program designed to empower landscape business owners to focus on their business without becoming an employee of it.

As a lecturer at Turf Teacher, Eric has preached the importance of a healthy work/life balance. For Eric, he creates a detailed list of tasks for each day that he can refer back through and check off as he completes it. This not only motivates him to accomplish work, but it also allows him to focus on the tasks at hand and not become overwhelmed.

Taking Breaks the Spencer Lawn Care Way

This husband and wife duo has dominated the YouTube space since 2013, documenting their landscape achievements and specialty green makeovers. At 60,000 subscribers, it’s fair to say these two know their way around maintaining a healthy business and lifestyle.

Spencer Lawn Care’s wellness routine is based on a few simple mantras with powerful results. The two landscape marvels recommended exercise and breaks to space out the day. Working all day isn’t the most efficient way to run a business – and if it is – it is not worth your personal health. The couple’s final piece of advice is to read, continue learning, and not be afraid to try new things.

Britt and Caleb Healthy Habits and Quality Time

group of friends gathering at home

Britt and Caleb Auman are none other than the dynamic landscape business owners in charge of Auman Landscape LLC. This green industry power couple has provided their clients with custom-designed landscape and outdoor spaces that make you fall in love with your home all over again.

As a married couple and pair of industry professionals, their number-one self care tip for entrepreneurs was taking time off for things unrelated to business. This includes developing healthy habits, investing time in non-business related interests, and spending quality time with your family or significant other. Creating stricter work hours for yourself is an easy way to do that.

Furry Friend Breaks with Stanley Genadek

dog and a parrot in house

Stanley is a green industry swiss-army knife and landscaping expert who has dabbled in all segments of the landscaping industry. From running Genadek Landscaping & Excavating to hosting the Landscape Disruptors podcast, Stanley has had to learn how to control his environment as well as his workload.

Similar to Britt and Caleb, Stanley recommended dedicating time to non-business related activities. For Stanley, he tries to work these in as breaks to the workday. Interacting with his pet parrots every day allows him to turn off his brain and return to work with a regained focus.

Blake Albertson Sets Business Hours and Boundaries

Blake Albertson with this family

The unofficial king of Kansas City lawn care, Blake Albertson, is the owner of the very successful B&B Lawn Care and Property Services LLC. From lawn mowing to landscaping, to snow removal, Blake has been able to succeed in three of the most competitive segments of the landscape industry.

Blake’s key to success and self care for entrepreneurs is setting your own ’business hours.’ Don’t take calls past a certain time, and enjoy the days you have off not thinking about the business. Work is important, but it isn’t everything. Keeping yourself happy and motivated is the fundamental component to long-term success.

Practicing regular self care means investing in yourself. At LMN, we want to invest in the health of our clients and provide a service that reduces their workload and their stress levels. With the LMN suite of cloud-based landscape management software, you can maximize your productivity as well as your free time.

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of the backend of your landscape business and have more time available for self care, download LMN Free today.

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