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Budget — Establish a Foundation for Business Success

It all starts with your budget. Set your sales goals, outline your costs and recover your overhead. Know the right mark-ups to price every job for profit.

CRM — Get a Handle on Customers & Sales Processes

LMN’s CRM tool is built exclusively for the landscape industry, allowing you to assign to-do’s for your team and track all customer communication – right from the cab of your truck.

Item Catalog — Understand All of Your Costs

Load and store labor, material and equipment pricing, along with production rates and templates all in one place for quick access.

Estimates — Estimate Quickly & Consistently

Empower your salespeople to price jobs for profit and prepare estimates* on the fly while you increase efficiencies with job plans for crews.

*Limited estimates available in the FREE account.

QuickBooks Sync — Take Advantage of Automation

Get started in no time by linking LMN directly to your QuickBooks Desktop or Online file to import accurate data on your customers/leads.

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