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Free online training courses on how to use LMN software, and intense certifications that will help drive your career.

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LMN is the leader in free online training for the landscape industry. We specialize in comprehensive landscape business training to help boost your software skills and help grow your company. Experience our landscape business courses and career-impacting certifications.


LMN's Live Virtual Training courses offer basic and advanced training for new and existing customers. Depending on your product, you can select the training best suited for you:

If revenue and profit are your number one priority to understand and master, then join us in learning how to build an operating budget, the difference between job costs and overhead expenses, forecast your sales targets for the upcoming year and outline all of your costs and expenses so that you can be profitable on every job that you bid. Once that’s done let us show you how to build your price list. See how your numbers contribute to cost effective and profitable estimates!

If you’re in sales and you’d like to have a one stop shop for everything customers? Throw away those sticky notes and manage your lead & customer information all in one spot, whether you are out in the truck or back at the office. Join us to learn how to do all that in one place, CRM! Once you create a contact, let us show you how to stop “guesstimating” and build estimates for all types of work using your own numbers. build professional proposals that you can send directly to your customer for instant approval and get all the nitty gritty of estimating in 5 mins!

Join the LMN Training Crew in our Crew Lead Training session! Crew leads will learn everything they need to navigate LMN’s TIME app, from punching their crews in/out jobsites to creating timesheets. This crew lead focused training is tailored to set them up for success on jobsites!

Design Build & Maintenance

You’d like to set up tasks for your crews on jobsites? Track progress on your jobs? Track materials? review timesheets and initiate payroll? setup your staff, track time, and approve timesheets? Maybe live-track your crew at jobsite to catch fraud & Time theft? Join us for this training where we show you all the nitty gritty of job creation process to set your staff up for success.

Learn about the relationship between LMN and QuickBooks. Whether you’re using QuickBooks Desktop or Online, this session will help you understand which areas connect between LMN and QuickBooks and why they’re important to master.

Learn how to job cost with LMN and QuickBooks Desktop. See how job costing will impact the profitability of each job or division, help you identify gaps in your profitability, and ensure you have enough cash flow coming into your business.

Are you a QuickBooks Online user? Join us to learn how to sync LMN and QuickBooks Online to ensure that you can smoothly import estimates, timesheets, and invoices successfully.

Are you a QuickBooks Desktop user? Join us to learn how LMN and QuickBooks work better together to drive job costing. Join the LMN Training Crew in this session on learning how to sync LMN and QuickBooks Online to ensure that you can smoothly import estimates, timesheets, and invoices successfully.

Design Build & Maintenance

Get rid of your whiteboards and throw a tv up on the shop wall. Manage and dispatch your Design Build & Maintenance jobs digitally so that your crews can prep ahead of time and follow optimized routes. Rainy day? No problem. Easily manage crew schedules by dragging and dropping jobs to new dates. All this is covered in this exciting training session, Join us now!

Design Build & Maintenance

Did you know that LMN has an invoicing tool? learn how to invoice Design Build & Maintenance jobs, approve invoices, send them to your customers and get paid online! Manage your payments so that you can simplify your invoicing process. All money and dollar handling is to be taught in this session! Join us now!

Live Virtual Training Schedule for 2023

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Boost Your Software Skills

Before you know it, you will be holding your pre-season snow meeting with your winter crews. It’s important you understand how to set up snow routes, track hours and timesheets, and set up digital snow binders so that you can train your crews and have a successful snow season. Our landscape business training isn’t just for the snow season. Utilize our free online training year-round.

Join the LMN Academy team as they walk you through everything you need to know about running and growing your landscaping business. Inside our virtual classroom, enroll in landscape business courses like Estimating 101, Time Tracking, Managing Leads and Customers, Building Proposals, and Schedule and Invoice Jobs.

Here at LMN, we are taking the landscape business training experience online! Join our LMN landscape business trainers to get a taste of how to take your company to the next level. Our free online training is designed to help you start planning your financials with our business budgeting tools and landscaping estimate. We have the landscape business training necessary to manage your customers. With our time tracking app, you are sure to track your job hours more efficiently and get paid faster.

Implement the LMN software by using the step-by-step training in our virtual classroom. Start with account settings and work your way up to invoicing with guided lessons, software demos, and homework assignments. You will boost your software skills in no time! Set up your LMN account at your own speed in the comfort of your home or on the go with our CRM mobile app.

Our Mission

LMN Academy’s mission is to transform the way people and companies grow in the landscape industry by offering free online training courses on how to use LMN software, and intense certifications that will help drive your career. Learn everything you need to know about cutting edge skills in the landscape industry. Cutting edge. Get it?