Learn the software skills to grow your landscape business and career!


Learn the software skills to grow your landscape business and career!


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LMN is the leader in free online training for the landscape industry. We specialize in comprehensive landscape business training to help boost your software skills and help grow your company. Experience our landscape business courses and career-impacting certifications.


LMN's Live Virtual Training courses offer basic and advanced training for new and existing customers. Depending on your product, you can select the training best suited for you:

LMN PRO Courses:

Register for courses based on your type of business.

"DB" = Design Build and Installation.
"M" = Maintenance and Snow.
"X" = All Business Types.

Not sure which class is for you? LMN beginners start with classes labeled 101. Advanced training is labeled 201. Live teachers await you. See you online soon.

LMN GRO Courses:

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Boost your Software Skills

Before you know it, you will be holding your pre-season snow meeting with your winter crews. It’s important you understand how to set up snow routes, track hours and timesheets, and set up digital snow binders so that you can train your crews and have a successful snow season. Our landscape business training isn’t just for the snow season. Utilize our free online training year-round.

Join the LMN Academy team as they walk you through everything you need to know about running and growing your landscaping business. Inside our virtual classroom, enroll in landscape business courses like Estimating 101, Time Tracking, Managing Leads and Customers, Building Proposals, and Schedule and Invoice Jobs.

Here at LMN, we are taking the landscape business training experience online! Join our LMN landscape business trainers to get a taste of how to take your company to the next level. Our free online training is designed to help you start planning your financials with our business budgeting tools and landscaping estimate. We have the landscape business training necessary to manage your customers. With our time tracking app, you are sure to track your job hours more efficiently and get paid faster.

Implement the LMN software by using the step-by-step training in our virtual classroom. Start with account settings and work your way up to invoicing with guided lessons, software demos, and homework assignments. You will boost your software skills in no time! Set up your LMN account at your own speed in the comfort of your home or on the go with our CRM mobile app.


LMN Academy’s mission is to transform the way people and companies grow in the landscape industry by offering free online training courses on how to use LMN software, and intense certifications that will help drive your career. Learn everything you need to know about cutting edge skills in the landscape industry. Cutting edge. Get it?

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