Light years ahead.

It's about time you toss those old invoices for good.
Invoice your maintenance projects more efficiently, then add site photos and client files to accounts as you go. We've always been great believers in the elimination of paperwork – LMNPro brings you one step closer to getting rid of it for good.
It's a revolution... join us.


Invoice with ease.

Invoicing maintenance work doesn't have to be a headache.

Payment Schedules

Create payment schedules in service estimates for monthly payments, then import service estimates into LMN time including auto-setup of tasks, services/activities, and hourly rates.

Create Invoices

Auto-create invoices in LMN Time based on monthly payments (for contract services covered by a monthly fee), services completed (for services billed on completion/per visit), materials installed (where the materials are billable) & hourly work (for tasks billed by-the-hour).

Review & Export

Review & approve invoices in LMN Time, then export invoice and customer data to Quickbooks with ease.


Store site files & photos.

Access important client info & site photographs from one central location.

Upload Photos

Crews can take/attach photos while working in the field, including notes and a critical flag for items that need urgent attention. Photos are instantly available to LMN Time admins.

Import Files & Attachments

Attach important files, documents and images to various entities in LMN Time including Lead/Client files, Jobsite-Specific files & Estimate-Specific files.

Attach Files to Jobs

Attach files to jobs in LMN Time so crews can access them in the field. Typical uses might include site maps, site photos, material lists, quality checklists, customer data, design/detail specifications & locations.

Discover LMN Pro.

Your business just got a whole lot easier to manage.

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