Do yourself a favor. As soon as you start the landscape hiring process, start building a careers page on your website. It will help you track applicants and educate potential hires about your company and its job opportunities.  

Here are some other helpful recruiting tips:

Cast a Wide Net

When seeking new hires, think broad and go beyond the general landscaping industry. For instance, people working in building, construction and agriculture are often well-trained and highly skilled and can make for excellent additions to your team. 

Leverage Tried-and-True Recruiting Channels

To help you finetune your recruitment strategies, we asked hundreds of landscapers where they post landscape hiring ads and what tactics work best. Most rely on a mix of online and offline channels, including flyers and newspaper ads, social media, career pages and employee referrals. 

While every company and community is different, most of the companies we surveyed ranked job boards as the most effective recruiting channel.

When to Recruit?

Ideally, you should never stop recruiting. Always be on the lookout for strong new additions to your team. It will help you find quick replacements for employees who leave or are underperforming and reduce last-minute scrambles to hire before the busy season starts. 

However, no matter how well you plan, it’s likely that you’ll need to ramp up landscape hiring for the busy season. Get a leg up on the competition by running ads late in the winter, likely weeks before most other landscaping companies begin spring recruiting. The long-term benefit of hiring the best of the available labor pool far outweighs the extra cost of a few weeks’ extra salary.

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