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Welcome To Our Customer Portal

The customer portal grants you access to manage and run your landscape and snow businesses. Improve not only customer relationships but also run your business more efficiently.

LMN Pay, A More Efficient Way To Do Business

LMN Pay is a payment processing platform that lets you manage and store client credit card information, process payments and accept deposits directly through the LMN Customer Portal, creating efficiency for you and your customers. Your customers are also able to view, approve and sign off on proposed work within the system. Plus, customer credit cards are securely saved on file and charged as needed, or you can set your client up to bill automatically on a recurring basis.

What Does the Customer Portal Do?

One of the many benefits of the customer portal software is improving customer relationships through transparency. The customer portal serves as the hub to view, approve, and sign off on proposals, as well as giving the ability to submit work requests. Payments are now quick and effortless once autopay is set up for recurring payments through our service, LMN Pay.


Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering your customers a portal to access their property’s job information. By adding your logo, your customer portal will look like an extension of your brand by giving customers an open view of work, estimates, and more.

Your customers also have the ability to submit work requests through the customer portal, streamlining your sales process to give customers the option to add on additional projects they need completed.

A Personal Experience

Branded as your company’s portal, customers will be able to interact with your company to review, process and approve invoices, submit work request changes, and easily pay their invoices. All at a click of a button!

Driving Retention

Now that you’ve given your customers a new standard for professionalism, why would they go to a contractor who provided less? Our job management software helps review job information and invoices, and make payments virtually with our credit card payment processing.

And Better Service

And now since you’ve made it easy for your customers to be in control of their jobs, they will feel more connected to you and at a click of mouse can call or email you with questions. Now that’s a great customer experience.

Complete Customer Transparency with Service Verification.

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Invoicing Overview

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1 Improve Service

The LMN network app utilizes job management software to help your business grow. Think improved service, which equals cash flow efficiency. The customer portal will make it easier for your customers to pay their bills. Offering your customers a secure place to process a credit card payment is a win/win!

2 Reduce your Overhead

Reducing your overhead is the goal for most business owners. Now that your customers can access their job information, your calls regarding job status will decrease. Transferring information over to the portal is easy! You’re already collecting the information with your golmn login and moving it to the portal will provide your team with more admin time and eliminate the risk of data entry mistakes.

3 Get Paid Easier

Getting paid is easier than ever before with our LMN network app. No more chasing customers down for payments or driving from site to site to collect checks! Invoice immediately after the work is complete and set your due date for payment. As soon as the invoice is sent to the portal your customer will receive an email notification. Drastically reduce your processing time and communication for billing.

4 Improve Operations

Improve your overall operation by utilizing the customer portal. Giving your customers access to real-time information will hold your crews to a higher standard. Timesheets completed accurately while on-site will be a win for your admin team, too!

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