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Using New Technology to Improve Your Business

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As American writer Stewart Brand said “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” We can fight technology as much as we want but it’s only doing us a disservice. Truthfully, most of us want to take advantage of the new gizmos and gadgets that promise all sorts of great things, but we fear the unknown and the stress of having to change our traditional ‘way of doing things.’

Although the sheer abundance of new technology is both overwhelming and impossible to keep up with, one fact remains: new technology has vastly improved our productivity rates. New technology is helping us do our old tasks better and faster. That is more than enough reason to get excited about what new technology can mean for your business!  

Trying to determine which technologies are worth your time and effort? Perhaps a deeper look at some of today’s technologies that are streamlining everyday work activities will bring some clarity:

Twitter: we all know twitter is “great for networking.” And it’s true, twitter gives you the opportunity to meet people or learn from people you never would have otherwise. It’s also a great supplement for face to face meetings. You can quickly get in touch with – and stay in touch – with people that you might not have been able to “communicate with before” – think business leaders, industry experts, competitive companies. On that note, twitter also gives you a lens to look in at your competition and see what they’re up to – what they’re working on, how they’re connecting with their customers, what marketing efforts they’re taking, etc.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is great for business and professional connections, so much so that it can replace your need for a business contact list. The plus side? Your contacts do the work for you. Instead of having to call around for updated addresses, phone numbers and emails, you simply login to LinkedIn and click to connect to your contacts. They will be updating their accounts with their current contact information and you can access it anytime, anywhere. Why not use LinkedIn to manage all your contacts? Whether they’re customers, leads, contact providers, industry advisors, and/or competitors, you’ll be able to stay connected to everyone with one system.

Online calendars: online calendars allow for 24/7 accessibility. A phone with internet access allows you to make changes or updates to your calendar on the fly. A group calendar is particularly useful for small businesses in keeping everyone on the same page and working according to the same schedule because everyone receives the same updates.

Flickr:  Flickr is great for sharing business-related pictures with clients – this way you don’t have to worry about trying to send large files through email and your clients don’t have to download photos themselves.

Email blasts: Using email blasts, rather than direct mail, is one of the easiest ways to ‘connect’ with clients. Providing useful, industry-related content – such as business advice and tips as well as informative commentary on industry trends – allows you to target your ideal clients in a less invasive, more personable way. And let’s not forget it’s instant. You have the ability to control the time your customers will receive your marketing materials, whether it be the moment you click send or later on in the work day when things begin to die down. With email marketing you have more authority over your marketing efforts than ever before.

Question: What new technology do you currently use in your business?

What do you plan to make use of next?

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