Streamlining Skills Development with Automation in your Landscaping Business

Training is an investment. So what can you do to maximize your return?

Employees who feel they cannot grow with a company and fulfill their career goals are 12 times more likely to leave a company than employees who feel that there is a path forward. Which makes sense! Would you want to work for a company that didn’t bother to help you grow or even train you properly?

So training is vital for employee retention and higher operational efficiency. But training is also an investment. It takes time and money to bring employees up to a higher level. Bringing automation to the training process can help ensure that your employees are getting the training they need when they need it. 

And standardizing that training is key to operational consistency. When all employees are watching the same video and taking the same tests, you’re helping them avoid confusion and prevent equipment misuse. You can also be sure that they’re taking required safety training.

With a platform like Greenius, you can begin automating your training to save yourself hours. We recommend creating an onboarding course that teaches new employees the basics, like where to park, what kind of PPE they need, how to punch in and out, and other important – but repetitive – information.

In this week’s Mastermind Weekly Webinar, Matt Crinklaw discusses how you can automate your training programs to free up time while still educating your employees. He also has a few quick ideas for custom courses that you can build today!

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