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Set Your Field Personnel Up For Success with Job Planners

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Part of a new series of blog posts from the Super Heroes on the LMN Support Team.

Coaches use game plans. Chefs use recipes. Actors have scripts. Talent alone may bring you to a level of success on its own merit; but in conjunction with access to pertinent resources and information, success can now be achieved on a more consistent basis and with less setbacks.

A solid Job Planner is a valuable ‘information packet’ to ensure your Field Personnel are prepared and empowered with all of the pertinent information necessary to get the job done right and on time. Such pieces of information that should be included (but not limited to):


  • Map, including general directions, to the Jobsite
  • Pictures of the work area
  • Scale drawings (if applicable)


  • Contact Information for Managers/Supervisors, Customer (if applicable)
  • “Call Before You Dig” information
  • Emergency Contact Numbers, including directions to nearest hospital


Within LMN Estimating, there are 8 Job Planner reports, as well as a Purchase Order, that generates reports designed for your Field Personnel in one click of a button. Important information such as:

  • Labor Hours (both for the entire project as a whole or by work area)
  • Equipment to be used and duration
  • Materials (including quantities, color/size specifications)
  • Specific instructions for each work area
  • Personnel/Subcontractor roles and responsibilities
  • Where/when to buy Materials

PAPER vs DIGITAL COPIES – Why not both?

Having these copies in paper print is the most commonly used method of sharing information between the office and the field; but with a boom in technological advances, companies are now embracing technology and going ‘digital’. Cloud storage options such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, allow companies to store their job packages within a folder and share them with their field personnel. In LMN Time, you can have the best of both worlds! Check out this Help Center article on how to attach digital files to your Jobs in LMN Time.

Systems & Processes Stand the Test of Time

Every owner knows that employee turnover is a reality that every company will face; but with a solid system and process in place to disseminate information from the office to the field, work can continue on with little to no disruption. Not having effective processes in place, time can be lost to waiting around, or overproduction (two of the nine sources of ‘waste’), or even the owner’s time spent on clarifying/approving information. The owner/managers could have been using that lost time towards other more effective purposes such as analyzing/improving/selling.

A solid Job Package + Good Process
MORE Profit + MORE Opportunities

Check out our Project Binder Index and Project Binder Procedure documents from our Systems Library, to help get you started on creating your Job Packages today!

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