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Phrases to Give up in 2020 and Words to Live By in The Landscape Business

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In the landscape business or any industry, words are powerful. This is just as true in the words we tell ourselves as those we share with others. The mentality and mindset of a successful landscaping business owner is one that must be nurtured and carefully tended; it’s important that you proactively set yourself up for success.

That means ridding your vocabulary of any potentially negative self-talk. Replace these unhelpful and ultimately useless phrases with words to live by—words to lift you up, keep you grounded, and keep you solidly in a successful state of mind.

We caught up with a few successful landscaping entrepreneurs and business owners to find out which phrases they recommend giving up in 2020—and which words of wisdom you definitely want to add to your repertoire this year, as well.

Phrases for Landscape Business Owners to Leave Behind

I want to…

“I talk to landscapers all the time who want to do things but rarely take the action necessary to get it done. Let’s stop talking so much and start doing more! My success has always come from getting the right people around me—coaches, employees, consultants, experts—and diving in to change what I don’t like by taking action.”

—Neal Glatt,

We’re just too busy.

“When the leadership team openly says this repeatedly in a company, it becomes a top-to-bottom excuse to take shortcuts. This idea that the entire company is ‘too busy’ allows people to procrastinate as they don’t believe there’s time to do the job right. Being too busy takes away your opportunity to advance in life. Each time I hear myself saying this harmful phrase, I remind myself it’s my future that is damaged when I am too lazy to teach others. The highest return on my time invested is always developing others to replace me, for example.”

—Mark Bradley, CEO and co-founder of LMN

I Can’t…

“People use “I can’t…” as an excuse to escape whatever is making them scared or nervous. Most of the time it’s before they have even tried. I think some people are programmed to automatically say I can’t and it’s a habit you need to break free from.”

— Shawn Spencer, Spencer Lawn Care

Fake it till you make it.

“I can’t stand this phrase. I used to say it myself but realized that if you keep faking it, you’re just never going to make it. Do the thing and do it right.”

— Richie Plemons, Plemons Landscape

I’ll get back to you.

Communication norms are now faster than this old habitual phrase allows for. Also, I find that it’s becoming harder to remember to ‘get back to you’ with lots of platforms, communities, and conversations peppered throughout every day. I’m working on slowing down to go faster this year by staying ‘in the moment’ to complete a conversation or think through an answer. At the very least, set a specific time to get back to the person. I close the loop and ensure I’ve booked a time to follow up.”

— Jacki Hart, President of Consulting by Hart

We can always take the easy way out.

“I always question this. What’s stopping you from doing the big, scary thing? Who told you it wasn’t possible? Have you ever tried it? I don’t let myself or others off the hook so easily. I see the potential, even when they don’t see it in themselves. And I also have failed in the past taking the easy way out… I’d rather fail trying than not to have tried at all.”

— Shawn Spencer, Spencer Lawn Care

LMN Landscaping Quote

We’ve always done it that way or I’m not sure it’s possible.

“Doing something because that’s the way it’s always been done is the worst possible reasoning. If you don’t know what’s possible, get looking into it and find out.”

—Nathan Helder, President of Southbrook Consulting

Words Landscaping Business Owners Can Live By in 2020 & Beyond

Never underestimate yourself and failure will never overtake you.

—Richie Plemons, Plemons Landscape

LMN Landscaping Quote

I did this!

—Neal Glatt,

Empathy. Hope. Pride.

These three words have been a major part of my business coaching language in the past year as I’ve watched hundreds of entrepreneurs struggle to attract, retain and connect with staff in a meaningful way. I’ve realized that these three key things are missing. The majority of the workforce in the landscape industry is under 40 and work/life balance matters more now than ever.

So does a feeling of belonging to a team/community. Everyone has the right to feel that they’re being heard (empathy), the right to start every day with hope for success, and to end every day proud of what they learned or accomplished. I’m seeing these three simple concepts making a difference in the companies I work with. It’s actually not only just okay to ‘soften’ the macho bravado entrenched in most landscape companies—it’s becoming highly desirable. When activated, my three simple words of the year will equip even the toughest of contractors to build better connections within the team.”

—Jacki Hart, President of Consulting by Hart

Stop making excuses. They don’t do anything for you but hinder you in achieving your dreams.

—Shawn Spencer, Spencer Lawn Care

Fall & fail fast. Money flows where your focus goes.

—Nathan Helder, President of Southbrook Consulting

Improvement happens one inch at a time.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Embrace improvements made by the inches and then look back once in a while to remind yourself how far you have come. Remember that being successful is a mindset. Operate like a millionaire and you will become one; you can’t grow a company being cheap.

Always do more than you are paid to do. Underpromise and overdeliver with customers and always surprise people by going a little beyond their expectations. Opportunity lives here.”

—Mark Bradley, CEO and co-founder of LMN

Make 2020 a Year of Growth for your Landscaping Business

Do you have the right mindset for success this year? Become a person who says what they do and does what they say. Successful landscape business owners tend to have a keen focus on their team building and understand that mistakes happen. Work to create a culture where admitting those mistakes becomes your path to continuous improvement.

Most importantly, invest in yourself to invest in your business. Really work on recognizing the harmful thought processes and habits that could be holding you back.

Take advantage of our free online training or join us in person at an upcoming LMN Academy event. Learn how to use LMN software and get the skills you need to succeed in the landscaping industry.

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