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LMN Announces The Paperless Snow Co. Workshop Series

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Join us at the most-attended business management workshop in snow & ice, and let us show you how to take the guesswork out of pricing and managing snow & ice work.

Brought to you by SIMA, in conjunction with LMN and hosted by Caterpillar Equipment, this workshop is taking the snow & ice industry by storm.  Join some of the industry’s best contractors as they create a more predictable, more profitable future using LMN’s software. During this 2-day workshop you will use your numbers to create a real snow budget and see how much easier your life can be during the hectic winter season.  You come with your numbers and leave with:

  • An operating budget built with your numbers, for your company
  • A pricing system that calculates your company’s costs, overheard and creates profit.
  • An efficiency rating that shows you what your sales should be, and how much you’re actually spending on waste and inefficiency
  • Estimating methods that improve field productivity and profit
  • Dead-simple, proven methods to measure progress and track job costs
  • Wage and bonus systems that inspire employees to think and act like entrepreneurs, instead of hourly employees

Here are some of the things that LMN can do for you:

  • Eliminate snow binders and achieve more accurate job tracking, service reports & billing, all in real time
  • Record GPS of each clock in/out
  • Attach site maps to jobs for instant access to specs
  • Office & Foremen get live updates of hours bid vs. actual

Workshop Info

What: 2 day workshop (Click Here for Agenda)

How Much: $149 per attendee

What’s Required: A laptop computer with wireless network card (free internet access will be provided), your Your P+L (Profit and Loss Statement) A Payroll Summary for the year – make sure you have enough information on hand to do an accurate estimate of payroll hours and costs for your snow operations only.

Dates: See below.

Chicago IL – July 19-20 | Register Here

Boston MA – July 21-22 | Register Here

Toronto ON – July 26-27 | Register Here

Cleveland OH – July 28-29 | Register Here

Denver CO – August 3-4 | Register Here

Lansing MI – August 9-10 | Register Here

Philadelphia – September 28-29 | Register Here

Take a break from the field and spend 2 days fine-tuning your snow & ice business.

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