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2020 Must Read Snow Articles

Optimize Your 2020 Snow Business Now With These Must Read Articles

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Business Advice

There is an unwritten rule in the snow industry that every snow contractor seems to abide by, the more production, the more money in your pocket. And this is exceptionally true in all of the skilled trades for that matter. Like anything, production could always be done better, more efficient, more profitable, and have more continuous flow in every process. It’s the exact reason we’ve compiled three of our must-read articles to help you build a better snow business in 2020 and beyond.

Set up your Snow Business for Success

This article dives deep into how to set up a snow budget, forecast sales goals and how to achieve them. You can find all of the info here.

Waste Eliminations and Snow Operations

Article number two shines a spotlight on waste elimination, otherwise known as unbillable time. We’ve all been there, and it’s part of the snow business, but there are some workarounds, and we’ve highlighted those here.

Capturing and Diversifying Snow Business Contracts

Article number three helps set you up for a successful transition, taking plan into execution. From capturing contracts, shrinking your service area to reduce unbillable drive and job site commute times, and diversifying the contract types your company holds.

And for those who seek to take their snow business that one step further, join us in partnership with SIMA, where we have developed an ongoing workshop series to help you build a better, more profitable snow business in 2020 and beyond. In just 4 hours, you’ll develop a robust and winning, repeatable sales process for your snow business. You will be able to identify high-performing marketing channels and how to cover the cost of carrying snow equipment, labor, and all of the overhead costs associated.

We will also help you develop a lucrative pricing system and create easily accessible snow response plans for each job site, all while helping prevent slip & fall issues that can ultimately lead to the undoing of a snow business.

Build a Better Snow Business in 2020 with Mark Bradley

LMN CEO and co-founder Mark Bradley is sharing all the snow business secrets on Wednesday, July 15th, for the most comprehensive snow business workshop and to ensure business profitability and sustainability in 2020 and beyond.

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