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A Secret to Growing A Successful Landscape Company

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“There is a way to do it better.  Find it.” – Thomas Edison

There is no better time to force your landscape business to get more efficient, more productive than during an economic slowdown. Economists are calling the current economic slowdown The Great Recession, and despite the fact that this slowdown has hurt sales for many landscape contractors (across the world), it’s also a brilliant opportunity to get a big leg up on your competitors.

Learn from Those Who Are Succeeding

Stop looking at the economy as a reason you’re not succeeding and look at it as an opportunity to get an edge over your competitors – who are also struggling. Just look at financial results from Ford, Caterpillar, Owens-Corning… and others.  These are massive companies that have undergone big changes to do more, with less and succeeded. For small to medium businesses, change is easier.  We’re agile – we have less people and layers of management. Owners and managers see more of what’s actually happening in the field.
Companies that have achieved success during this economy have followed the same strategy – they found a more efficient way to get the job done. Most didn’t increase staff – they reduced them. They are doing more with less. The problem in the green industry is that most landscape contractors rely too much on employees to do the work.  This is going to make growth and success harder than it needs to be – just ask any contractor – staff is the hardest resource to find, manage, and retain.    To help you look at ways to grow sales and profit, without adding crews, in the landscape industry, watch the video above.

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