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LMN’s Monthly Preview: Jump Start Your Snow Business

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Snow season is top of mind over here at LMN. We’ve successfully kicked off our LMN Snowday: Build a Better Snow Business Workshops, providing business owners the digital tools and knowledge they need to equip themselves for the shift from green to snow season. Our first snow workshop went so well that we decided to add on two more sessions in case you missed the first one. It has been a busy time at LMN, and we’re gearing up for some major announcements and milestones for the month of September.

Snowday: Build a Better Snow Business

LMN CEO, Mark Bradley, walks through the essential first and next steps that business owners and operators need to take to build up their snow business. Mark discusses:

  • How to implement a winning, repeatable sales process
  • Identify high-performing marketing channels
  • How to love your numbers
  • Cover equipment, labor, and overhead costs while still pricing for profit
  • Developing competitive and lucrative pricing systems
  • Prevent equipment loss, and slip and fall issues
  • Creating easily accessible snow response plans for each job site
  • How to optimize your snow business
LMN snowday workshop

Our workshops are free to attend as long as you have signed up for an LMN Free account. Don’t have one? You can sign up here to get started with your workshop event registration! Our next two events are on:

September 14th, 2021

September 28th, 2021

LMN Acquires Greenius

LMN recently took another major step by acquiring Greenius, the popular online training platform for the green industry. Many companies continue to be challenged by skilled labor shortages. With the addition of Greenius, landscape owners using the LMN platform will now have more opportunities to develop team members within their organizations to foster growth and retain employees. Check out our press release to learn more.

Landscape Disruptors Season 6 Recap

It seems like yesterday that Landscape Disuptors had eclipsed its 50th episode, but time flies with Season 6 fully wrapped up. Season 6 had a little something for everyone, with guests joining in from different walks of life- whether early or later on in their landscaping careers, or moving on to coach others to help elevate their businesses.

Check out these four amazing Landscape Disruptors episodes from Season 6:

Boyscouts to Landscape Business:

Joshua Adkins gives Landscape Disruptors host, Stanley Genadek, a run for his money as Adkins challenges Stan’s title of host on the podcast. This young green industry entrepreneur isn’t short of confidence as he outlines his path to success, scaling his business, Odd Jobs LLC, from nothing into what currently generates 400k in revenue. This is an empowering episode for all those who think they can’t start a business with zero experience in the green industry.

Critical Benchmarks to Maximize Profit in Landscaping:

LMN CEO and this episode’s host, Mark Bradley, sits down with Jeffrey Scott as they dissect key critical benchmarks all business owners should strive for to maximize their profit in the landscaping industry. Efficiency is key, and learning how numbers work for you and your business can help you make more informed decisions down the line.

Putting the Pro in Professional Landscaping:

There are perks to continuing the growth of the family business. Landscape Disruptors guest, Donn Vidosh, seems to have cracked the code for continual growth in the landscaping business, and he chats with Stanley Genadek through the navigation he took to fixing his business’ bottlenecks and how he successfully hires workers through the current labor shortage. There’s no slowing down the Vidosh North landscaping business.

Funding Financial Growth in Landscaping:

Mark Bradley takes the helm hosting the Landscape Disruptors Season 6 finale with Jon Fry, who talks about the benefits of increasing cash flow through financing and how you can utilize that to reinvest in your business to create more revenue and stay profitable down the line.

Landscape Disruptors Season 7: Ask Me (Stan) Anything

Ever had any pressing questions you’ve ever wanted to ask Landscape Disruptors host, Stanley Genadek? We’re taking questions for our new segment, Landscape Disruptors AMA. Stan will take questions sent in by listeners, and he’ll give his honest opinion on what’s what.

Send your questions to:

Women in the Green Industry (WIGI) Conference

SiteOne Landscape Supply is celebrating its 25th year of hosting the Women in the Green Industry (WIGI) Conference from September 30th – October 3rd in San Antonio, Texas. This women-only 4-day conference that aims to connect, elevate, and empower one another. LMN VIP Brittany Auman will attend the conference and sharing advice and information on how landscape contractors can better job-cost and estimate.

You can see the full schedule of guest speakers and learn more about this women’s only can’t-miss conference here.

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