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LMN – Speaking the Same Language: How to Streamline Your Field & Office Staff

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In a perfect world, your field staff would be able to telepathically tell the office all required information to ensure every single billing opportunity is accurate and accounted for. Unfortunately, mind-reading is still beyond our realm and we must rely on the information documented and turned in by our field staff.

The process of your field staff documenting and turning in their paperwork (if at all!) and then having someone in the office trying to make sense of it all is a recipe for inconsistencies. It opens the door for:

  • more errors (how many times have you asked yourself if that was an ‘8’ or a ‘3’ written down?)
  • decreased productivity of your office staff (when they could be working on more valuable projects), and
  • worse, miss a billable event.

This workflow of inefficiency translates into one thing: lost revenue.

With LMN, you can breakdown the wall between your field and office staff with their automated invoicing platform and have everyone speaking the same language.

With LMN, you will set your crews up for success by establishing the criteria you require to ensure all billing opportunities are captured for each customer. All your crews need to do is select what Services and/or Materials (as well as quantities if you choose to) via our LMN Time app. And since LMN is a cloud-based software, every time your crews trigger an event out in the field, an invoice is automatically generated for that customer. It’s that simple.

Improve the arduous task of transcribing paper logs into billing/invoices by introducing automation. Let your field staff do what they do best: working hard to produce the best work possible as brand ambassadors for your company.

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