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Willie Green of Greenie Green’s Lawn Care used to spend days doing invoicing and bookkeeping. LMN helped reduce that paperwork – and give him time back with his grandkids.

Many landscape companies – especially the smaller ones – have invoicing issues. When you’re in charge of everything and only have one other employee, things get complicated.

Willie Green has owned and operated Greenie Green’s Lawn Care for more than 17 years. Greenie Green’s is a family-run operation, with Willie and his son being the only two permanent employees. 

Before starting with LMN 5 years ago, Willie didn’t use any kind of business software. He wrote estimates on carbon paper, managed scheduling by hand, and didn’t budget to recover overhead. Sending invoices took up entire weekends, and he knew that there were mistakes. The delayed invoices caused cash flow problems, so everything compounded. 

With LMN, Willie took back control of his time.

With help from our support team, Willie built out a profit-driven budget that recovered his equipment overhead. When he knew it was in the budget, it got much easier to replace outdated machinery. He was also able to build out more structured estimates that helped him compete for jobs.

Even better, automated invoicing slashed his office time. The two weeks it used to take him to send his invoices became two hours. The customer portal made it easy for his customers to make payments, so cashflow improved. No more missed invoices, no more scouring over job notes to make sure everything got billed. Most importantly, Willie was able to spend his weekends with his family instead of sending out bills.

We’re so glad that we get to work with Willie and Greenie Green’s Lawn Care, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future! 

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