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Improve Your Company’s Internal & External Communication

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It’s no secret that a company who has consistent communication methods functions more efficiently! Using LMN’s CRM to track Customer/Lead Communication History and to assign To-Dos will help to improve internal and external communication.

External Communication

Nothing is worse than being a customer who has to repeat themselves when speaking with different members of one team. It makes your company look disorganized and unprepared to provide quality customer service.

With LMN’s CRM, you can store Communication History directly within your customer file. Anyone with access to the CRM has the ability to add notes manually from the Communication History Tab. Alternatively, LMN’s BCC functionality will ensure any e-mails sent from a LMN User to a Contact in the CRM will be automatically added to their customer account.

This will help to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to a customer/project and anyone answering the phone can provide the same level of service.

Internal Communication

Having the ability to create To-Dos for team members will help your staff follow a certain process when it comes your customers. To-dos will assist in keeping lines of internal communication open, providing a seamless transition when passing customers between job types/departments (ie. an Admin staff member can assign a New Lead to an Estimator/Sales staff member to begin the Estimate process).

To-Dos can be managed by anyone with LMN CRM access. Updating your Notification preferences will ensure you receive an e-mail notification when:

  • A lead gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do that you created has its item status changed by another user
  • When a To-Do that you created is changed by another user

Further Info

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