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How Time Tracking Apps Can Help Your Business – Part 1

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Using paper to track time for your crews still? Maybe you’ve thought there must be a better way to track time, it’s 2017 after-all. Well good news, there is! There are many time tracking apps available now on the market and most are very simple to use. In my next series of blog posts, I’ll discuss exactly how making the switch to an app for your time tracking needs can benefit your company.

Ready to save time & money?

Today we’re going to look at how time tracking apps can save you countless administrative hours, lead to less missed billing events and increase communication between office and field staff.

If you’re using paper right now, chances are your payroll administrator or your office manager spend a good amount of their day trying to read those paper timesheets and any important information they won’t receive until they get the timesheets.

Picture this; it’s 4 am and your snow foreman has been plowing for the last 9 hours and now they’re finishing logging their time sheet. It’s dark, they’ve been awake awhile now and they probably don’t care if their twos look like sevens! Not that we can blame them for this after working all night, but it’s often the reality for a lot of people in the snow industry whether you’re the one writing the time sheet or the one trying to read it.

Now the next day (or a few days later) your administrative staff must take that time sheet and input it into your payroll software. If they can’t read the timesheet, they must get on the phone and follow up with your foreman and they have to do this for every employee’s timesheet! It’s a process that can take up a lot of their time. As much as they probably enjoy calling people all morning, I’m sure that time could be better spent elsewhere!

Don’t worry…

This is where a time tracking app comes in handy. All time is tracked digitally and in real time which means you’ll also have instant access to notes being left from the field. Your staff can easily review and approve timesheets anywhere they have an internet connection whether that be from their tablet at home or computer in the office.

Having all these time sheets created digitally and automatically available for review is going to save countless hours of inputting data manually. This is especially true for time tracking apps like LMN Time that can sync with accounting software such as QuickBooks and can even be exported to payroll services such as ADP.

Not only will apps like LMN Time track your time, but it will also track services and events for billing as well. Your foreman can select they have completed a task right from their phone when they’re tracking their time, which creates a billable event on the back end for your office staff to review. They can also leave notes so people in the office are aware of anything that comes up in the field right away.  Your office staff will also have more time to follow up on these events since they won’t be inputting time sheets manually anymore. Win, win, win!

Ready for some more reasons?

If the administrative time saving, increased communication and less missed billing events doesn’t have you convinced, stayed tuned for our next blog where we discuss how apps such as LMN Time can help you keep tabs on your crews’ location, track things like unbillable time and make it easy for your crews to know exactly what’s expected of them on a jobsite.

Stay tuned as there’s more to come!

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