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Four Tips to Help you Define your Company Culture

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The culture of your company plays a determining role in the success of your business. Why? Because company culture has everything to do with the types of people we attract and the types of employees we retain. Serious employees that are looking for fulfilling careers (i.e. opportunities for advancement, responsibility, autonomy, an empowering work environment, etc.) are not just looking for good pay – they want to be a part of a culture that is based on defined business philosophies, practices and goals.

For most, a desirable company culture includes one that is built on specific values, such as respect and support, as well as one that is built on the recognition of achievements, talents, knowledge, expertise and contributions. We all have the potential to create a work culture that allows superstar employees to thrive. Here are 4 tips to help you create and define your company culture:  

1. Communicate values from the start

If you built your company’s reputation on its unequivocal customer service, then this quality should be rooted in your company culture. Make sure your employees understand that optimal customer service is at the forefront of everything you do – and therefore your business practices and goals are geared towards maintaining your excellent reputation with customers. If your company is focused on being one of the most productive companies in your field, make sure you communicate the principles of lean operations to your employees. Your workers should know that productivity, waste elimination and quality workmanship is at the core of everything you do. Whatever you choose to base your company culture on, be sure to communicate these values with your employees from the start.  

2. Find and hire passionate people

Passionate people might not necessarily have the most experience or the best skills, knowledge and expertise, but they do have the willingness to learn and the drive to succeed. Passionate people want to see the company and their team succeed so they actively put forth the effort to make that happen. You want to create a team of innovators and contributors.

3. Train your team to reflect your company values

If your employees not only understand, but embody the type of culture you’re after, you have good training.

4. Get rid of employees that don’t fit your culture

There are some employees who refuse to do things anyway other than their own way. People with this type of attitude rarely change. If they don’t fit your culture, then don’t keep them onboard. Your culture has everything to do with your image and your employees play a key role in the equation. Don’t tarnish your reputation or your image with employees that can’t get with the program.

The right values, systems and employees create a company culture built for success! What steps have you taken to define your company culture?

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