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Employee Incentive and Retention Systems: How to Manage Staff Above and Beyond Compensation

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At LO Congress Tuesday January 12th

Owners Only Workshop

130pm in the Waxman Room

If you don’t measure your employees and relay the results to them, they have no way to measure their success. On the other hand, with an understanding of their measurements, they can reassure themselves, despite minor setbacks (which would usually lead to lost motivation) that they are successful. And when they know they’re successful, they’re motivated.

Need a greater motivator? Tie measurements into a bonus structure. When you tie measurements into a bonus structure, you create opportunities and, therefore, incentive.

In this session, Mike will show you how to create an incentive system that allows you to ‘fairly’ differentiate your employees:

  • Learn how to set realistic and attainable budgets and sales goals for your employees.
  • Learn how to communicate these to your employees and explain how your measurement system and bonus structure will work.

People don’t reach their true potential unless they’re measured or know how to measure themselves. If you implement a system that measures people on efficiency and productivity, your newcomers will see opportunities.

Stop by the LMN Booth #2716 to see live demos of our software.

And don’t forget the LMN AfterParty! Tuesday night at Congress.  Limited wristbands available for this event at our booth.

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