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Company Device Blog Series #3 – An Alternative

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When making the decision to move forward with providing company devices, there are a multitude of reasons behind a company being hesitant or ultimately deciding against offering company devices. Two common factors companies resist the notion of providing company devices are:


For both the hardware itself and the monthly subscriptions (typically on a fixed-term contract) that are associated with them. Companies that experience growth may find themselves in lean periods as more profit is being sunk into other areas in need (ie. additional employees, equipment, etc.) to keep pace. Additional  costs in hardware and subscription fees may not be at top of mind for owners.


Keeping tabs on inventory management can become a daunting task, if the proper systems/procedures are not in place. In addition to this, extenuating circumstances such as damage or loss of devices must be replaced and often involves a revolving door of renewing/extending contracts (and potential cancellation fees).

There has to be a better way!

There’s been a growing movement with companies deciding against offering company devices, instead opting for employees to use their personal devices and offering a monthly reimbursement in lieu. There are many benefits that come with this alternative:

Most employees already own a smartphone.

By allowing them to use their own device, this eliminates one extra device for them to carry around throughout the day.

They are more likely to take better care of their own devices.

Let’s face it, there’s no personal connection with company devices and employees see them as company assets that can be replaced on a whim. They are more likely to treat their own devices with more care as it is considered their own property.

True, controllable costs.

By offering your employees a set monthly reimbursement, you have a definitive cost that you can manage month over month. No need to worry about overage fees or hardware costs for replacements.

Determining how much to offer your employees will require an internal discussion within your company to find a value that is considered fair and appeasing to your employees. Some companies will offer a flat rate for all employees or offer to pay a percentage of their monthly fee. At the end of the day, your employees must appreciate the value being offered and feel inclined to participate and utilize their own personal device for work purposes.

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