Buy vs. Lease vs. Rent Snow Equipment – What You Need To Know

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As the skilled labor shortage continues to grow within the snow industry, the need to invest in snow equipment and grow vertically instead of horizontally becomes more critical than ever.

Mike Rowe from Discovery Channels Dirty Jobs says People don’t talk about the skills gap, but the thing they really don’t talk about because it’s awkward and potentially touchy is the “self” skills: show up on time and tuck in your shirt. It’s so fundamental and to Mike Rowe’s point, attitude and work ethic are a skill. It’s more challenging than ever for landscape and snow companies to recruit and train skilled employees. In turn, this void has forced companies to invest in equipment, become more efficient, and focus on revenue per man-hour.

But when you’re at the junction of adding more equipment to your company’s fleet, how do you know whether to buy, lease, or rent? The fact is that most don’t know, but with the right data in front of you, you can make well informed, profitable, and cost-effective decisions.

Estimating The Cost of Snow Equipment

That’s precisely why we’ve collected some resources for you. Our first resource is utilizing our equipment calculator tool. Why guesstimate when you can get accurate answers about snow equipment? Punch in real numbers to our snow equipment calculator and get real answers.

If you wanted to take things a step further, you can go back to one of our most-read blog posts. “The Great Equipment Debate.” We give you all the information you may need and we individually dive deep into all the pros and cons of buying, leasing, and renting snow equipment.

And if that doesn’t give you enough decision making data, hear from our CTO Mike Lysecki as he shares his years of experience and knowledge on the topic or renting vs buying vs leasing snow equipment.

Finally, LMN CEO and co-founder Mark Bradley is sharing all the snow business secrets on Tuesday, August 11th, for the most comprehensive snow business workshop and to ensure business profitability and sustainability in 2020 and beyond. For more information and to register for this event, visit our snow resources page.

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