Boost Your Revenue: Selling Add-On Services to Landscape Clients

“I think most landscapers go out and sell once and then don’t keep selling.”

– Mark Bradley, LMN Founder and CEO 

Revenue per hour is the most important metric to drive when building a profitable business.

One of the best ways to drive higher revenue per hour is to sell additional services to existing customers. Fairly often, you can offer these additional services without additional investment in equipment, labor, or materials. 

But upselling to existing customers can feel like a risky proposition. You don’t want to sour a good working relationship by pushing too hard to sell more. At the same time, if your customers like what you’ve done for them and enjoy working with you, adding more services can benefit you both.

There’s a saying in marketing: “sell the sizzle, not the steak.” It’s very easy to focus on selling specific services, like ongoing maintenance and seasonal updates. Instead, try showing your customer the benefits they’ll get because of the additional services. Ongoing maintenance can help improve property value without undertaking huge projects. Seasonal updates – like holiday lighting and snow removal, add additional value to the bundled services you provide.

In this week’s webinar, LMN Founder and CEO Mark Bradley discusses ways to effectively sell add-on services to your customers. You’ll learn how to approach and how to bundle services to improve your revenue per hour.

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