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5 Types of Employees That Hurt Your Production

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Today we’ll be talking about the types of people that can contribute to wasted time and in turn, lost profit. It can be easy to spot some of these employees, however, other times it’s easy to overlook certain mishaps in hopes that an employee’s behavior or attitude will change. It won’t.  In the end, it’s better to get rid of these employee’s now so you can focus your efforts on recruiting those superstars.

Without further ado, here are the 5 types of workers that you should watch out for:

The Gossiper: (aka the guy who’s always talking):

There’s always a talker in a group – the one who must catch up on all the details going on in everyone’s lives, last night’s game or anything else really. While light banter is arguably good for company culture, some workers just can’t draw a line on when it affects their productivity. Here’s where you run into problems. Not only is “the talker” wasting your valuable time and money, but he’s likely not just talking to himself either!

The Egotistic: (aka the guy that constantly talks himself up to everyone else):

This employee is so concerned with boosting his image; he spends more time bragging about his entitlement than he does showing his worth in manual labor to your company. His arrogant attitude is not only tiring to deal with but it’s also possibly offensive to the rest of your crew which can be a setback for your business.

The Know-it-all: (aka the guy who always thinks he has a BETTER way of doing things):

While it’s important to hire people that bring innovative ideas to your day-to-day business and valuable feedback to your attention, it can be a nuisance if your guys take that liberty too far.  A worker who refuses to operate under your company’s systems and protocol because he believes his way of doing things is better is only going to cause friction and confrontation. It’s important that your workers balance their desire to offer their two cents with their willingness to follow orders.

The Rebel: (aka the guy who refuses to listen/respond to site supervisors/foremen):

This one is common sense but still very important for us to list here. Your foremen need to have control and authority over your crews, and when someone continues to step out of line, it affects the positive, ‘work-as-a-team’ mentality that is needed on the job site. Letting this one slide is only going to cause morale to drop and upset the site supervisors.

The King of the Castle: (aka the guy who thinks he’s in charge):

Some employees feel they have the power and entitlement to order your crews around. Maybe they just misunderstood you when you hired them as a laborer and not a site foreman. Either way, there’s nothing more annoying to the rest of your crews than having their co-worker ordering them around.  Dealing with this type of worker can get old real fast so it’s best to address this one sooner rather than later.

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