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10 Tips for Using Twitter to Help Your Business

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With over 300 million people actively using Twitter each month, Twitter still remains a great cost viable option for marketing your company no matter what industry you’re in! People use Twitter to find out what’s happening locally and to connect with people around the world. Why not capitalize on that market!

Here are some general tips about using Twitter to further promote your landscape business:

1) Show off your work!

Twitter is another great way to post pictures of any jobs you’ve completed to get your brand out there. People are more likely to buy from brands/companies they recognize, so get your name out there!

2) Market to your target audience.

In the maintenance business? Put out some tweets in the spring & fall reminding people about fertilizing or spring clean-up packages that you’re offering. This is a great free way to remind people about their lawn care options while also promoting your business. Make sure your tweets are providing relevant information and aren’t just being overlooked by potential customers.

3) Stay active.

Try to tweet regularly about relevant information to your customers. Don’t make it all sales pitches. Retweeting other posts can be a good way to stay active while also helping to promote other information and show your customers you’re not just selling services all the time. Don’t forget to respond to tweets directed at you either and engage your customers!

4) Utilize the ‘Advanced Search’ feature.

Using the search feature in Twitter will bring up a ‘More options’ dropdown menu as shown in this image. Clicking this option is a great way to narrow down your searches and see if anyone in your area is talking about your industry, looking for work done, or even talking about your business!

5) Offer discounts to your Twitter followers.

Trying to get more followers? Give people a good reason to follow you. A good idea here is to let your customers know to follow you and get a coupon or discount on their next purchase. You could also offer these discounts on retweets for the next X amount of customers, for example.

6) Update your company description.

Make sure you post keywords here such as your location and the services you offer. When potential customers search these words your company will show up! It’s also a good idea to make sure your website and contact details are up to date here and you clearly state what your business does.

7) Integrate your account into your business.

Add your Twitter ID in your other media such as your company website, Facebook and Linkedin and even in your e-mail signature. The more your customers see it, the more likely they’ll follow you knowing that you’re also on Twitter.

8) Tweet at specific times during the day.

According to online surveys, the best times to send out your tweets is during the early morning hours, between noon and 1:00 p.m. and again during the evening hours. This makes sense as you’re reaching people before and after work and on lunch. Tweets on weekends also tend to reach up to 18% more people than tweets done during the week. If you’re not available at those times, check out HootSuite which will allow you to schedule when your social messages go out.

9) Use Twitter Lists.

Twitter lists are a great way to do anything from monitoring competitors, staying connected with your customers and grow your followers by building brand awareness. You can have private lists and public lists and can sort your followers as you wish. When you add someone to a public list, they will get a notification that you have added them putting you on their radar! Private lists are of course a great way to keep tabs on competitors to track what they’re up to. You can find Twitter lists by clicking on your profile and settings icon.

10) Utilize Direct Messages.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to send someone a direct message if you see them tweeting about a service that you offer, for example. The message should sound personable and not like spam. If you can tell the person why you’re messaging them and give value to the potential customer, it can be a great way to use Twitter to start getting more customers.

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