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(New Workshops Coming Soon)

What's it all about?

Our industry experts will show you how to take the guesswork out of running your landscape business with proven best practices and practical rules for success. AND we’ll show you how to set up and use the best landscape management software in the industry.

All in just a single day.


  • Set sales goals and develop a Sales Budget
  • Create a Labor Budget and leave with a crew plan
  • Better understand how to get more efficient using an Equipment Budget
  • See how the Material Budget is impacted with solid pricing techniques
  • Get comfortable operating professionally with an Overhead Budget
  • Become aware of your forecasted Profit
  • Learn how to calculate Overhead Recovery
  • Find out how leading companies manage customer experience in CRM Overview
  • Discover how fast & easy bidding should be with our Estimating Overview
  • Get a look at the power of LMN Time and see how we Schedule jobs

For landscapers, by landscapers.

As landscapers ourselves, we set out to tackle some of the most common problems faced by business owners and their staff, presenting them in a 1-Day deep dive designed to change the way they look at their operations.

With thousands of attendees to date and countless businesses forever changed, we'd like to introduce you to the new LMN Workshops.

Your Needs

  • Improve your day to day operations.
  • Eliminate waste & increase revenue.
  • Know your hourly/daily operating costs.
  • Make better equipment purchasing decisions.
  • Better understand the needs of your business.

We Can Help

  • Create and stick to a comprehensive budget.
  • Increase revenue with the staff you already have.
  • Read the numbers as a path to profit.
  • Price jobs to properly pay for equipment.
  • See your business in a whole new light.
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Increase a 3-person crew’s productivity by a conservative 10%. That crew generates $300,000/year in production would now generate $330,000. This 10% is easily obtained, when you consider the cost of wasted time, download our spreadsheet and do the math for your self to see how simple reductions in wasted time can save thousands.