Become an LMN Expert – Training, Certification Courses, Webinars
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Become the best of the best.

Take your education and your career development to a whole new level. With a simple, structured theme for each day of the week, you can become an LMN expert at your own pace.

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Discover just how much LMN can do for you.


Designed exclusively for LMN Customers, our certification series trains what we like to call LMN Groundbreakers – a Certified LMN expert ready to dig in and pave your path to success. Attend our Academy Training Center in Toronto, and leave with the business skills to leverage the LMN platform, improving efficiency and establishing a truly profitable business.

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LMN Job Costing & QuickBooks Sync Certification Course


SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

Unleash the power of Job Costing using LMN & QuickBooks together. Upon completion of this certification you will immediately understand how to leverage Job Costing to build a Profitable company:

  • How to create a simple but accurate job costing system using LMN & QuickBooks
  • Proper setup of a chart of accounts
  • How to use service items to identify your biggest sources of profit (and problems!)
  • How to sync customers, estimates, timesheets & invoices to QuickBooks
  • How to use Job Costing reports to drive better estimating results

LMN Budgeting Certification Course


SEPTEMBER 24, 2019

"A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So stop hoping for profit and plan for it with our LMN Budgeting certification. Bring some simple financial statements and let us show you how to unlock the secrets behind the numbers that drive your business.

  • Set profitable goals for Sales & Expenses to deliver consistent profit
  • Use your budget to plan for labor and measure productivity
  • Create a sustainable replacement program for your equipment
  • Benchmark your numbers against industry averages
  • Learn how to use Divisional and Crew Budgets to create a results-based company incentive program
  • Plan for profit, recover your overhead, measure your company's efficiency and so much more

LMN Estimating & CRM Certification Course


SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

LMN Certified Estimators are trained to be the best in the industry. The single most important document in any job is the estimate. It's the price, the selling tool, and it's the plan to get the job done right, every time. You'll learn to create estimates that automatically price every job for a profit, while creating the foundation for productive and profitable execution plan for every job you land.

  • Master the CRM tool to better manage your sales & customer service including leads, customers, and opportunities
  • Learn how LMN Production Calculators turn every employee into skilled estimators
  • See how easy it is to site measure using the LMN measuring tool
  • Develop pricing templates so you can bid jobs for installation, service, and enhancement estimates in record time
  • Generate flexible maintenance and service estimates to suit all kinds of different contract requirements

LMN Time & Invoicing Certification Course


SEPTEMBER 26, 2019

Take the paper (and the work!) out of all your paperwork. Timesheets and daily logs are the heartbeat of your business. Of course they ensure you pay your staff & bill your customers, but we'll show you how to use LMN Time for so much more. LMN Time & Invoicing Certified Groundbreakers are the true heroes of every office as they learn to do the work of 3 “mortals” in less than half the time.

  • Setup jobs for accurate Job Costing and service verification
  • Create Routes for jobs, track crews & generate accurate reports to efficiently manage operations
  • Learn how to use LMN Time to ensure jobs are on track
  • See how LMN can automatically generate the service verification needed for your customers
  • Automatically invoice customers for monthly, per service, or hourly work

LMN Scheduling Certification Course


SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

Ask any operations manager and know the biggest challenge of any day is controlling the schedule. And while we can't fix your weather, your customers, your equipment and more... we can absolutely show you how to make scheduling a whole lot easier and more effective. Get LMN Certified in Scheduling and learn to:

  • Build and modify schedules for installation/enhancement work
  • Build and (easily) modify schedules for recurring service-style work
  • Schedule hundreds of jobs at once from a list, or even a map view
  • Use the whiteboard tool to help operations take control of daily planning
  • See how LMN's Jobsite Watch can help you provide industry leading service verification to your customers


Unable to make it in person? Let our live experts guide you on a journey through 12 different LMN modules, without ever leaving your office! These absolutely FREE 30-60 minute webinars with live questions and answers run every weekday. Sit back with a hot cup of coffee, your computer, and your questions – you'll be an LMN expert in no time.

LMN QuickBooks


QB Desktop Sync

How to integrate LMN to QuickBooks:

  • Installing the LMN QB sync tool
  • Matching cost codes/classes with QB
  • How to export Estimates to QB
  • How to Send Timesheets from LMN to QB

QB Online Setup

How to setup LMN to work with QuickBooks Online versions:

  • Permissions & Online Sync
  • Link Service Items
  • Cost Codes and How They Relate to QB
  • Match Customers
  • Post/Publish an Invoice


LMN Budgeting Webinars


Budgeting Introduction

Learn to forecast sales, plan labor and equipment, budget and recover overhead and more:

  • Work Breakdown
  • Who Goes Into Field Labor Budget?
  • Overhead
  • Capacity Efficiency & Budget Throughput


LMN Estimating & CRM Webinars



Learn the basics you need to know to take full advantage of LMN's CRM functionality:

  • Filters
  • Tags
  • Export/Import Customers
  • Todos
  • Reports

Item Catalog

Learn exactly what to charge for your labor, equipment materials and more to cover your company's costs, overhead and desired profit:

  • Taxes
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Prod Rates/Templates

Standard Estimates

Learn how to create standard estimates which are used for work such as planting a garden, building a deck or patio, or installing trees or shrubs. LMN makes estimating landscape projects fast, accurate, trainable, and most importantly, profitable:

  • Building a Standard Estimate
  • Building a Price
  • Material & Adding Quantities
  • Client/Crew Notes/Terms and Conditions
  • Customer Proposal (Print)

Service Estimates

Learn how to set up an estimate from scratch, how to copy an estimate from a template, and how to make quick and easy pricing adjustments, and how to set up a monthly payment schedule:

  • Add a Service to an Estimate
  • Create a Template for Maintenance Estimates
  • Make Work Areas Have a Round Number
  • Print Proposals


LMN Time & Invoicing Webinars


Staff and Settings

This session will take you through setting up the basics, including adding employees, your default settings, overtime rules, services (and materials) for tracking and much more:

  • Adding Employees
  • How to Hide Jobs/Staff
  • Rates & Services
  • Activities/Materials and How to Link Them

Job Setup

This session will show you how to setup your LMN Time jobs for timetracking, billing, job tracking and more:

  • Create New Job from Scratch
  • Import Job from Estimates
  • Renew Jobs
  • Clock in Tasks
  • Reassign Jobs (Group or Type)


In this session, we'll show you how a crew gets set up with LMN Time and how they clock in and out of jobs. We'll also show timesheet admins how to review, audit and approve timesheets for payroll and billing:

  • Settings
  • App Timesheet Clock in
  • Mark a Scheduled Job as Complete
  • Submit a Timesheet


In this session, we'll guide you through setting up your LMN Time jobs for invoicing, then show you how to generate, edit, and approve invoices:

  • Settings
  • Setting up Jobs & Services for Invoicing/Monthly Charges
  • Services Flagged for Review
  • Manually Change an Invoice Post Run


LMN Scheduling Webinar


Time Scheduling

In this session, we'll show you how to get started with scheduling - including scheduling install/construction work, maintenance/service work (lawns, fertilization, irrigation, etc.) and even hard-to-schedule work like snow and ice:

  • Schedule Crews Set Up
  • Visit Types & Work Calendars
  • Optimize Route
  • Bulk Scheduling