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LMN is Built for Snow!

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Mobile Timesheet, Estimating and Job Tracking Software for Snow & Ice Companies.

Scale Your Snow Business This Season

Join the thousands of landscape and SNOW & ICE companies who are putting real-time field information in the palms of their hands, 24/7. With LMN’s mobile apps and snow software for timesheets, job logs, and estimating, your company will work with real-time information from the field like never before.

  • Business Planning: How can you scale your business if you don’t know what your numbers are? Build a snow plan to set profitable pricing for the snow season.
  • Customer Manager + App: Throw away those sticky notes and manage all of your snow contacts in one spot from anywhere.
  • Estimate Builder: Close more sales by quoting once but providing customers with different service options. Whether you offer seasonal, per visit or hourly work, we got you covered!

Mobile Software for Snow & Ice Contractors

Timesheet software for snowplow contractors that’s more than just payroll!

Just $299/mo for LMN Pro, the entire suite of software including mobile timetracking, estimating and a customer portal to manage your sales and leads. (+$9.99/mo per crew)

Mobile Timesheets

LMN’s mobile timesheet app for snow lets operators clock-in and out from any smart device (phone, tablet, laptop). Enjoy real time tracking of job & payroll hours!

Salt & Service Tracking

Track more than just hours for payroll. You can optionally track salt servicing and even quantities applied. Tracking application rates will help you create more accurate estimates & invoices.

GPS Verified

Every time a snow operator punches in/out of a jobsite, its GPS verified so you and your customers know your crews are where they said they are.

QuickBooks Integration

Instantly sync estimates, invoices & timesheets into QuickBooks for complete job costing & payroll in 20 min or less!

Files, Photos & Site Maps

Say goodbye to time spent assembling snow binders. Upload site maps, job files and photos so that your crews are setup for success during those long nights of snowplowing.

Live Tracking

Never wait for paperwork again. Improve customer service and operations with live, real-time tracking of staff locations and job statuses. Your staff will always be in the know 24/7.

Route Optimization

Enter the sites in your route and LMN will auto-calculate the most efficient route order and driving directions from start to finish.

Customer Invoicing

Never wait for paperwork again to do your billing. Generate accurate invoices based on live timesheet data and send them to your customers right away so that you get paid on-time.

Impress Your Customers!

Customer Portal

  • Accept Credit Card Payments.
  • Pay Invoices Online.
  • Share Jobsite Services & Photos.
  • Share Job Schedules.

Join Thousands of Supercharged Snow Companies Around the World

With a Dedicated Account Manager for support, online training and a thriving community behind you, you don’t have to go at it alone. Get the most out of your tools with our legendary customer support team and join thousands of landscape business owners just like you.


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Truly Take Your Snow Operations


The most successful snow business operators aren’t lucky, they’re prepared. If you’re ready for a record-breaking winter, it’s time to register for a Workshop!

When the big systems hit, it’s hard to service all of your customers let alone answer their calls. Top performing snow operators know how to keep customers coming back year after year.

Join thousands of snow and ice business owners across North America who are using technology to provide a service experience that keeps customers coming back winter after winter.

In less than 4 hours, you will learn how to:

  • Implement a winning, repeatable sales process for your snow business
  • Identify high-performing marketing channels
  • Love your numbers (because they show you costs and opportunities!)
  • Cover snow equipment, labor, and overhead costs and still price work for profit
  • Develop competitive and lucrative pricing systems
  • Create easily accessible snow response plans for each job site
  • Prevent equipment loss and slip & fall issues
  • Optimize your snow operations

“We have been able to keep track in a very specific way (photos and precise times) when we have been on-site for snow removal service, something that our customers have communicated they appreciate. LMN has helped our customers to trust us more.”

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“In our snow first season, we estimate LMN Time saved us over $8,000 in payroll costs and another $4,000 in vehicle GPS contracts. It’s transformed our field operations, our customer service and the accuracy and efficiency of our billing. Our office is done with paperwork forever.”

Maggie S, NJ

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