Together is better. Slice is becoming LMN


Who is LMN, you might ask?

Well, LMN is the most comprehensive business management software built by landscapers for landscapers. It was founded by former landscape business owner and now LMN CEO Mark Bradley in 2009, constructed and developed in North America, and currently serves over 85,000 skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen worldwide in the green and snow industry.

Beyond that, LMN has become a library for business education, 1:1 support and offers a development pathway for aspiring owners and contractors to build and grow their businesses into a more profitable and sustainable company while developing their team members.

What does all of this mean for you?

Your current Slice software will become LMN, and you will have all of the tools available to you to manage your landscape business profitably. We also include our Gold Implementation service ($847 value) for free to ensure our team makes this a smooth transition for you and your company.

Beyond our budgeting, estimating, and job costing, LMN offers every tool to manage your customers and supercharge your business operations. We include a Customer Portal for streamlined communications, a CRM app to manage and organize customers, credit card processing, and ACH payment acceptance with automated invoicing to help reduce cash flow problems. Time tracking is gamified ensuring employee engagement with unique reporting tools that show you which work is the most profitable and how long each job takes to reduce time theft and waste within your company.


So what are the next steps?

We've scheduled a meet and greet with LMN CEO Mark Bradley on March 2nd at 4:00 pm EST. We've also assigned an Account Executive to each individual and will be in touch.



March 2 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Join us for an intro to LMN Software and meet & greet with LMN CEO, Mark Bradley. We are committed to transforming talented landscape professionals into better business owners through industry-leading software and learning opportunities - we look forward to working with you throughout your career!

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