Landscaping Business Management Software

Business software that just makes sense for landscapers.

Business software should make running your company easier, not more complicated. That’s why LMN brings estimating, job costing, invoicing and more into one unified platform.

Get the tools you need to crush your revenue goals.

Measure. Optimize. Win.

Profit-driven, repeatable estimates in minutes.

  • The right price, every time — Like having a consultant over your shoulder, ensure your prices recover the costs, overhead and desired profit on every job.
  • Templates & production rates for predictable success — Save common work as templates so future estimates are 200% faster, while eliminating the risk of mistakes or forgotten items.
  • Turn planning into doing – Accurate estimates are only half the battle. Now your team needs to get it done. Your estimate converts into a job plan that’s available to your entire crew. So they have the info they need to succeed.

Set your crews up to succeed.

  • Feedback when it matters — Crews get instant feedback after tasks so that they know (and you know) that they’re achieving targets.
  • Estimates flow into job plans — So operations, field crews, and accounting have the information they need to deliver their best results.
  • Attract and reward the best people — Foster a company where great people can see their performance – and improve it.

Job costing you can trust. Before the final invoice.

  • A smart solution to job costing accuracy — Struggling to get crews to track time correctly? Landscaping software combines payroll, service tracking, and job costing. Crews track every minute so they get paid. The office gets to see the cost of every minute spent. Win-win.
  • Daily crew feedback – With every clock-out, crews get feedback on their job’s actual vs estimated hours. While every job won’t go perfect, you can absolutely ensure no one is caught flat-footed.
  • Never miss a thing – Color-coded maps show you where your crews are, where they’ve been, sites complete, and, most importantly, what’s incomplete.

Save time, increase profits, run more efficiently, and grow your business with landscaping business software.

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Double Sales, Better Buy-In, Faster Estimates – Same Staff.
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Jason Scharringa, Operations Manager

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Send 50% More Estimates with LMN to Drive Growth.
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Job Costing and Real Time Insights Drives Financial Success
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